Extreme Fatigue


I'd get a full CBC along with hormone panel done. I'd look at your Test and Estrodial along with T4 and see if one of those is our of wack.

Don Quixote

Orthodox Inquirer
About a year ago I became ill for about 2 weeks, felt like a flu just worse - whole body aches, cold to the bone, sore throat and inflamed glands etc. Even after blood tests from the hospital they couldn’t tell me what it was and even though I tested negative for it, they said it was probably glandular fever as a lot of people test negative and still have It.

Now, for as long as I can remember after that I’m constantly tired. I do a very physical job and climb some evenings but even when I take time off, I feel just as fatigued.

Any ideas? Is it worth getting looked at privately?
Might want to check out the forum phoenix rising. It's about people who have chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalitis. Basically, there are a group of post-viral syndromes that cause fatigue and other symptoms. The way I understand it, the adrenal glands and the HPA axis in general are heavily involved. I

Would recommend getting tested for lyme as well, but the tests are not usually very accurate and you need to see a "lyme literate" doctor and even then, who knows. If you are interested and want to give some herbal protocols a shot, google "Buhner herb protocol." While good for lyme it is also good in general for immune system.

Good luck.