[email protected]#! The Coof!...

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In keeping with the White Pill thread, and Grant Cardone's 'Aint No Virus Gonna Stop Us!' promotion (although that implies this BS is real... so scratch that)...

This is a thread for positive reports of action taken towards goals regardless of relentless attempts of the cockroaches to frustrate all.

Personally, I'm sick of this panto and the morons that've enabled it... so '[email protected]#! The Coof' is my new mantra.

It's hard, as unless you stay home, you're assaulted with covaids moronity everywhere you go, but I've found clowning the BS works... like insisting on paying cash over the top of the perspex divider, or wearing mask over the eyes like a bandit in the bank... anything that highlights the insanity to onlookers, and makes a joke of the mother of all pendulums.
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