Facebook is becoming scary!


You'll show up on recommended lists if you name searched for someone. If a girl searched for your name on Facebook, she'll probably pop up on your list.


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AntiMediocrity said:
TheOllam it's not really about putting your head in the sand or being afraid, Facebook is just plain toxic and you can almost feel a tangible sense of cleanliness once you click that deactivate button.

Logging on Facebook every day is essentially subscribing to a daily issue of Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Jezebel and every other artifact of Western society but instead of piling up on your doorstep it's delivered straight to the ocular glands. Every piece of celeb news, every engagement, every birth, every viral video share, all is cleansed from your pallette once you press that magic button.

Then, you need only get your news from here and feel the blessed rain of objective commentary on your face.

I see your point clearly. It's also why I go to this forum to get the real objective commentary.


Facebook will die under the weight of the millions of fucksticks that use it as a blathering megaphone. Most sensible people have moved on. They only use FB as a way to look up someone like the way the white pages used to be.
Where I live Facebook is the only option for online game; online dating sites barely have any users and most are low-quality and spammers.

Guess it's time to more somewhere else.


I remember starting a fresh Facebook account around a year ago. I didn't use the option to allow FB to trawl my contacts nor gmail. I hadn't added anyone to my contacts and my ex-gf was in the 'people you may know' tab??!! :s:s


Also be aware that there's a separate privacy setting for people to find you using your phone number, no idea when that got added but it was how someone found me! I had it set as only friends of friends could find me although the phone number search overrode it?!


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I remember when I first started using the Facebook app on my phone, my phone number was publicly displayed on my profile. I had never added it, and couldn't remove it if I wanted to keep using the app, so I changed the security settings so that only I could see the number.

Facebook seem to have a tendency to change their policies / settings every now and then which can make private items on your profile public. You need to regularly check your security settings to ensure your privacy.

I have also received 'people you may know' recommendations based on friends of friends (of friends).


I wonder if Facebook keeps tabs on what websites you visit, I'm almost certain it does through cookies and other means. Wouldn't it be easy for Facebook to know the identities of RVF members if they track the websites you visit and have the ability to make our identities public if they wanted to?


I wonder if there will be an alternative one day that won't be bought by the usual suspects (google etc)
We all know what happens once they get a hold of something.


hedonist said:
I wonder if there will be an alternative one day that won't be bought by the usual suspects (google etc)
We all know what happens once they get a hold of something.

That's pretty easy to do. You simply need to run it as a private company and resist the inevitable death threats that come along with not handing over control.

doc holliday

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The only thing facebook is any good for is for observation of how stupid people are these days. Most of the nonsense people put up there is so hideously awful that it really gives one a sense for why the country is where its at. If people had less time and better things to do, facebook wouldn't be anywhere but lets face it, so many people spend all day on that shit because they have nothing else going on. Or when they once in a while have stuff going on, they post it and make themselves out to be supreme ballers. It really gives me such an insight into the psychology of people today but other than that, it is a total waste of time and a total invasion of your privacy.
I quit FB for a few years after they advertised to me based on a back problem I had as a child. The only possibilities were that they had medical records or a poorly calibrated marketing algorithm(if I was 60+ the ad would have been the expected sort.)

I rejoined for Tinder, not like they will exclude you from their info gathering simply because you don't have an active account.
I hate to sound like a broken record but get the FUCK off Facebook already!

Seriously, if you consider yourself a masculine man then you have no business being on that site. What are the upsides? No privacy, feminist snark, digital lynch mobs, pictures of what some fat cunt ate for dinner, constant recycled memes that were on 4chan like 5 years ago, fat acceptance, gay normalization bullshit, white knighting to the extreme, and of course dealing with every idiot with a chip on their shoulder being given a soapbox from which to spew their bile.

FUCK Facebook and FUCK Zuckerberg.
Maxing out all your security settings helps, so people can't search you on facebook or via google. Don't have any personal info and don't let people tag you in pictures or have non-friends be able to see anything through a mutual friend.

Even have a really vague profile picture so a person wouldn't be able to for sure be able to identify your profile just through a profile picture.

Gustavus Adolphus

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I don't have FB now, but if you needed one for your tinderellas, or wanted to see pictures of family if you were a traveling man (or any other self-justified reason); I would suggest restricting the privacy settings as much as possible, including things that make you difficult to find. That way you are the one doing the search and add.

A vague profile picture has been mentioned, but you are also not technically required to use your full or real name. Whether you're trying to keep your work HR, SJW's, or whomever in the dark, doesn't matter really. Just set up your profile name to be your first name and use something else (i.e., your middle name) as the surname. You don't have to be James Robert Smith, Jim Bob should be acceptable with a verified burner email address. The more common your name, the harder you'll be to find and identify, especially if you refuse to fill out any of Facebook's biographical and/or geographical information prompts. If you use a little creative thinking, there are plenty of ways to leverage this strategy and tailor to each individual. I first noticed this when people who were networking for a new job wanted to ask for career advice and suggestions, they'd change their name so they could avoid being fired from their current position for their disloyal posts.

If you don't want it connected to your cell, just use the Computer platform only and skip the app download. Then just stay silent, no comments, likes, posts, etc. Not sure how this meshes with hookup apps, but it's better than shining a spotlight on yourself.


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TheOllam said:
Complete removal from FB? Head in sand much?

It's like saying, "I don't want to drive because people get in car accidents"

Social Media is not going away, what's happening is society is catching up with technology.

That said, I keep out of the way of wackos on FB, and disengage from folks too far down the wrong path (This goes for extremists on both the Left and Right)

Also, FB is a great reminder for me not to get married in USA:

I have 2 male cousins, both married with kids, of course frustrated because they've subconsciously realized they are getting the bad end the marriage market only after the fact.

However, consciously they post stupid shit on FB supporting Bernie, bitching about global warming, 1%ers, how conservatives are "obviously" racist because they don't support Obama enough, how we need to give more support to women, lot's of Mangina blah blah.

Meanwhile, it's women that have dominated their life.

Even weak Men need SOMETHING to dominate, so they take it out on FB by sharing frustration with the world. (Pretty weak, but that's what it is...)

So sit back and enjoy. Don't be afraid of Social Media, just don't run around in traffic like a child on the highway.

Hey newbie, watch the tone.

There's no good reason to use facebook, and plenty of reasons not to. As for me, anyone I want contacting me already knows how to.


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Facebook accesses your phone's GPS and recommends people as friends who it also tracked as being in the same location with you. Facebook also accesses your phone's microphone to monitor your speech for phrases it can then use to display targeted advertisements based those keywords.

Facebook is literally, and I mean literally, a surveillance tool, and a highly sophisticated one at that. Anyone using it at this point is either ignorant of these facts, or willfully allowing themselves to be spied on in the most egregious manner.