False Flag and Domestic Terrorism Thread

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We already have Jan 6... just when things couldnt be any more GLOWING.....

Now, just a few days following the Afghanistan debacle we have some redneck southern central casting feller coming out and threatening to blow up DC.

They are trying to change the subject from the obvious lack of control

This guy is Irish LOL


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With so much distractions going on everywhere, there are rumors that the Arizona election audit reports are supposedly going to come out either today or Monday.

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El Draque

MP stabbed to death today in UK.

Let's not forget the date here, 15th Oct, same date as vax mandates around world, and wth the six six six numerology (15/10 10 divided by 15), this one reeks.

Don't know anything re motive or suspect, who's been apprehended by police.


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Victim was a Tory MP, which doesn't in itself mean anything but every hour that passes without some sort of public acknowledgement of the killer's ideology makes it more likely either that a) the killer is either a leftist or Islamist and/or b) TPTB are busy behind the scenes right now whipping up a "far right" social media presence for him.


Not entirely. If it’s someone who lost everything to lockdowns or had a family member die from
The shot that would also be damaging to the narrative.