Famine coming after the riots/2ndlockdowns.


Dont forget your fats necessary for cooking; butters, oils etc.

Olive oils and coconut oils are your biggest bang for your buck
Fat is largely poor to store, even with vacuum sealing. Be careful with it, and learn to store it properly. Fat isn't even part of the Mormon Four because it doesn't store well. Better to store the Mormon Four and survive than waste money on fats unless you really know how to store them.


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If the World Bank says this it's clearly another step of the plan. Don't perceive it as anything good for us.

Ease the travel restrictions, release some kind of poison, blame it on easing restrictions, push tyranny further.
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Consider visiting your local Mormon "Bishop's Storehouse." It is an impressive facility where you can cheaply buy a wide variety of foods, already prepared for long-term storage, in large containers. I guarantee, you will be impressed! And they have knowledgeable staff who can help you with your plans to prepare for possible hard times.


(((Bald and Bankrupt))) (before he pulled his jew flu scam) had a video about Kishinev, Moldova, where he saw all sorts of graffiti, including swastikas and penises mixed with slogans such as "WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS". According to him, his video was a catalyst for Kishinev being cleaned up.

Wouldn't surprise me if similar graffiti showed up in First World cities whose economies have been decimated by jew flu.