Fantastic article: Why women shouldn't work

It's a worthy discussion, but I think nursing is mostly just a career that is extremely complimentary to female instincts. Lots of bonus points due to close knit interactions with male doctors (among the upper social strata in the west), which hopefully sets them up for prime mate selection. I'm sure these TV shows play a role, but I wouldn't get too far down the rabbit hole.
Male doctors almost never marry nurses. Doctors in general are from the managerial class, IE listen to NPR and venerate hip pseudo intellextualism. They are the elites of the proles. Nurses are typically from working class backgrounds. IE family of truck drivers, hair dressers, tradesmen, UPS drivers etc.
It's amazing how easily manipulated they are. If one of (((them))) made a television show about women feeding themselves to wild beasts to help mother earth or some such nonsense there would almost certainly be numerous cases of some stupid young woman going to a zoo & throwing herself into a tiger/lion/bear enclosure in order to "do her part".
To be fair men fall for psyops too. For example, when I tried weed in high school it wasn't because I had a good reason. It was because I saw movies like Dazed and Confused or Pineapple Express and thought I would be cool and have fun adventures like the characters in those movies.

Another psyop is the truck psyop, I never had any interest in pickup trucks until I started listening to country music. That is why all these suburban boomers drive F-350 diesels even though the only thing they are hauling is bags of mulch from Home Depot.

The Bible says that the eyes are the lamp of the body. We naturally want to imitate whatever we see. We especially like imitating perceived authority figures. Roosh stops cussing and using coarse language and then we all stop doing it. I try to remember not to step into the "homo economus" post enlightenment theory of decision making. That we just weigh choices rationally and can create sterile systems of evaluation without "contamination" from emotion, social influence, demonic influence, the passions and of course, thankfully, divine grace.

A great place to understand why psyops are basically inevitable and we can really only choose between good and bad psyops is the work of Rene Girard.



In our current culture and society, I think whether a child raising aged mother should work or not, is variable depending on the capabilities of the husband. If he is a true alpha and makes bank and doesn’t have to put in rediculous effort (I.e. not an absent father who is working 24-7 and rarely around for the wife or kids), then it is obviously best for her to stay home. If the father is middle of the road conpentency (let’s say 70%/ majority of the bell curve of males), then perhaps the wife can still stay at home and they just live very modestly (older used cars, small home rental, non-exotic vacations etc.), or she works part time to assist with income to maintain a more middle road lifestyle amongst their peers in society. But if the husband really struggles with effort or competency to be a bread winner in respect to the society they live in, then the whole family will suffer in society if the mother does not help financially somehow as well with full time work. It’s either living in squaller with a stay at home mom and a dad working himself to the bone to put food on the table, or having child care/grandparents during day with both parents working full time but around together in the evenings and weekends as a family. I think the latter is probably the better option of the 2 IMO.


No one has really commented much on whether it’s best for a wife to agree to work a full time job later in life after the children are raised and independent. Let’s say most women are in the 45-60 age range once children are independent and out of the picture. That would be 5-20 years of potential income/work before they hit the standard 65 age retirement age norm. Better to fill the day out making extra money and producing for the household vs staying home and filling their day consuming stuff right?