Fat people thread


Orthodox Inquirer
Think about this:

1 sugar cube is 4 Grams of sugar and has 16 Calories.
1 X 12OZ coke is 39 Grams of sugar. Thats 9 and 3/4 sugar cubes in one coke. 140 calories.

Meanwhile a snickers bar only has 20 Grams of sugar. 4 G protien almost no fiber and 245 kcal.
Meanwhile a Quest Peanut butter Protien bar has 21 Grams of protien, Erythritol for sweatner (good for gut biome and teeth) and 1 G of sugar and a boatload of fiber @ 200 KCAL

Quest bars are awesome. I can skip breakfast have a quest bar for lunch and a reasonable dinner and feel totally satisfied.