Fat people thread


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Think about this:

1 sugar cube is 4 Grams of sugar and has 16 Calories.
1 X 12OZ coke is 39 Grams of sugar. Thats 9 and 3/4 sugar cubes in one coke. 140 calories.

Meanwhile a snickers bar only has 20 Grams of sugar. 4 G protien almost no fiber and 245 kcal.
Meanwhile a Quest Peanut butter Protien bar has 21 Grams of protien, Erythritol for sweatner (good for gut biome and teeth) and 1 G of sugar and a boatload of fiber @ 200 KCAL

Quest bars are awesome. I can skip breakfast have a quest bar for lunch and a reasonable dinner and feel totally satisfied.


She looks completely miserable, people should stop enabling this fat can be beautiful BS. Her knees are about to buckle, and she looks like she is in pain despite being at Disney World. If she lost weight she'd be pretty (though it is too late for her skin to bounce back).

Exhibit A: when the fat girl stops lying to herself about being fat and fabulous, puts down the jelly donuts and starts working out. Rebel Wilson.