Fat people thread


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While this probably doesn't go for all fat people, I think it applies to most. And I say this as someone who used to be a personal trainer with many overweight clients and who has observed my 5'1" sister balloon up to over 300lbs.

They have deep mental issues and use food as a drug to make them feel better.

You don't get to be massively overweight without emotional eating. And they generally are aware what they're doing is ruining their health and making them miserable and depressed but the attachment to emotional eating to combat their mental issues outweighs the concern for ruining their health.

And it's a self fulfilling cycle. The more they eat, the fatter they become, the more miserable and depressed they are. And they know it. Every obese person I trained was well aware that looking in the mirror made them feel terrible. They start off every day feeling that way.

If that were not the case and obese people are perfectly happy being obese, gyms wouldn't get flooded with new years weight loss resolutions every Jan. But because it boils down to a mental health issue, they generally quit by Feb and the cycle continues.

Then there's the whole caloric intake factor. Heavier you are the more calories you need to sustain your weight. So it's actually easier for fat people to lose weight given if you're 300lbs, you're likely shoveling 4-5K calories into your mouth everyday to sustain that weight. If you cut your intake to 2.5K calories, the weight would come off relatively quickly. This is why fat people can lose weight quicker than skinny people. The margins of their caloric intake are much larger.

So what I observe in people like my sister who keep adding weight is they'll sit there and emotionally eat an entire bag of doritos every day. Just swallow 1-1.5K empty calories out of habit. Day after day. Because you cannot keep your weight at those levels without consuming a massive amount of empty calories. Good luck eating 4K+ calories daily made up of meat, fruits and veggies. You need the complete crap food to reach those levels.

The real tragedy is this life style surrounded by mental issues is rarely limited to the individual. My sister's husband who was a chef has now packed on 50-75 lbs. Their young daughter is now putting on the lbs too. The children become victims when the household takes on such an unhealthy environment.


A friend told me once that he never trusts fat people, as they clearly have no willpower and therefore a weak internal conscience.

Fat people commit sin and theirs is publicly visible to everyone, so they are humbled every day. Others, including me, commit many sins that are invisible and for which we are not chastised, and as a result our repentance becomes much more difficult.