Fat people thread


I've told a few 20 years old that when I was a kid in 80s and 90s, there were just a couple of obese kids in my school. They're amazed. They think this is how it's always been.
What I find interesting, and sad, is that in general if we're looking at people between about 16-25, I very seldom see fat people of this age group. I know they exist from graduations and such that I've been to where attendance is mandatory, but in general society, I hardly ever see these people. Do they not work jobs? Are they just living with their parents and never go outside? This only sunk in when I commented to an 18 year old guy I was working with that young men in particular seem quite healthy and fit, and he immediately corrected me, "No, they're real fat. You just don't see them. They don't go to gyms or work blue collar jobs." (at the time I was working construction).