Fat people thread


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Ha! I knew you were going to be roasted for this!

I'm a bit of a chubby chaser myself, but these women are too fat! A pretty face and a curvy body can be very appealing. But a little extra body fat % goes a long way. Better a little than a lot!
Think of the children! Those wide child-rearing hips are there for a reason, I've met some skinny moms who have somehow gone through incredible feats of giving birth to large children, and I could only imagine the pain. I'd save my future wife from that and find one more amenable and close to me in body size. These odd pairings of tiny women with super tall men seem so out of place. A woman with curves is representing her natural form as created by God, but the fat composition in these western hoagies is entirely based on bad diet and sedentary behavior, whereas a woman with proper fat deposits who is healthy has those because she must be ready to rear children (in the breasts, buttocks, thighs, and hips). There are a lot of "curvy" women who are not comprised of a serious percentage of adipose tissue, these are the best for wife material, after I have confirmed their spiritual status and a few other qualifying factors. I don't think genetics has much to do with it other than bone density and height. I won't get into more details as I feel this thread has the potential to return to older forum days, but for the sake of finding a right wife to have children with, I think the relativity in body size is important.

If any man has found a woman in the west who is Christian, loyal, not a single mom, and not sedentary including being obese, that's already a diamond in the rough. A shame how far our fairer sex has fallen. The quest for the perfect wife continues for most of us.

Viktor Zeegelaar

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I don't know what's behind the whole body positive movement but it seems like an attempt to bolster a specific type of feminine beauty and appeal at the expense of the health of society at large.
Yeah it's just another agenda to make you miserable and destroy you. They want you sad, in a non fruitful relationship, not being respected, broke, having no religion and spiritual life, being atomized and by yourself, being fat and hopeless, living a life of quiet desperation. So this whole ''body positivity movement'' is just encrypted language for ''encourage people to live an unhealthy lifestyle, feel miserable and die early, so we can reach our divide and conquer and depopulation goals''. If the system would give an ounce about its people, there would be tremendous fat shaming: if you love someone, you tell them the truth even though it may cause conflict, in their best interest. If you don't love someone, you either avoid this conflict or if you have more nefarious intentions, you may even encourage destructive behavior. The system is doing the latter and most of participants of society cowardly go along and belong to the former group: they just wanna avoid conflict and therefore go along with it, with all the bad results for people as a result. I mean can this stuff be more obvious? To me stimulating people to be obese is probably the most obvious sign that the system absolutely DOES NOT care about you, I can't see how it could ever be any clearer.
I'm old enough to remember when "curvy" meant something, dammit. Something other than fat, I mean. So that's what I'm upset about here.
Curvy in essence is an evolutionary attraction trigger. A woman with a bit of fat, and decent curvy shapes like hips and breasts have a higher likelihood of being fruitful in bearing children. They also have some physical backup in difficult times. It's just that the beauty ideal has gone to the extreme, first towards thinness in the last decades, like model shows which is absolutely not the ideal most men would be attracted to, and now the fatness.