Father gets joint custody, mother then murders child.

Samseau said:
I wouldn't be surprised if the whole reason the father won partial custody is because the mother was found to have mental issues like depression or bi-polar and such.

Just another feminist judge deciding a child's life doesn't matter, allowing primary custody to a mentally unstable bitch.


Jetset confirmed my initial thoughts 1 second before I hit post.

True. If she was a saner mother she could have gotten full custody.

That is why the best legal system is the one that gives fathers full custody as a default. That bitch should be in a mental institution and not having any access to her children.


Men need the Red Pill and Game.


She has crazy eyes for sure.

His look like the panicky eyes of a guy who doesn't know how to cope with a crazy bitch and has been walking on eggshells for years. Reminds me of this guy:


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If her resting face is her eyebrows up and her eyes open wide and bug eyed like that, she definitely all aboard the psycho train.

It's too bad that a small child had to suffer from the hands of an unstable and unfit mother. Can't imagine what was going through that child's head while her mother was tying a noose around his neck. Very tragic.