Clergy & Monastics Father Josiah Trenham is a pillar of Orthodoxy


Male and Female: Reflections on Transgenderism

A four part lecture series by Fr. Josiah is available to download for free this month from Patristic Nectar.

This tweet closely mirrors Fr. Josiah's observation. It's like a memetic mind virus that is spreading rapidly among young girls.



This tweet closely mirrors Fr. Josiah's observation. It's like a memetic mind virus that is spreading rapidly among young girls.

Anyone who is looking into starting a family in the next few years, just get ready for lots of vitriol from people you wouldn't expect for trying to shield your family from these sorts of things. I get lots of criticism for suggesting not putting heavy metals in our baby when he is born, for having a dumb phone, or for planning to homeschool. Most of these people I'm getting criticism from are ostensibly against the LGBT agenda, and know social media is wrong and big pharma is full of lies, but anything you do that is different than the culture will get you hatred, condemnation, and judgment from your peers and elders.

"Conservative" family members will personally feel attacked when you say you're pulling your daughter out of soccer or school because most of her teammates or classmates are LGBT and are pressuring her to be mentally ill as well. When you say you're done with using smartphones, they see that as an attack on them, that you're judging them for using it. When you say you're not vaccinating your kids, what people hear is "you think I'm a monster or stupid for doing that to my kids, or planning to do it to them."

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Thought I'd give this thread a bump. As a new Catechumen I've been recently enjoying some of Fr. Josiah's videos. I was going to make a thread on him but glad searched first.

I particularly enjoyed these three and think that he really is a gem as he speaks very eloquently and clearly, while giving the honest truth without censorship in order to stay politically correct.


Praise be to God!

An Orthodox Christian priest known for his out-spoken defense of the Orthodox Church’s view on marriage and abortion, has been vindicated in federal court and the gay activist publisher who attacked him has been held accountable. Thomas More Society attorneys brought the lawsuit on behalf of Father Josiah Trenham, along with his wife, Orthodox Christian Ministries, and Saint Andrew Orthodox Christian Church. Self-proclaimed gay rights activist Peter “Giacomo” Sanfilippo has been found liable in Father Josiah Trenham, et al. v. Peter J. Sanfilippo, et al., for defaming Father Trenham and his wife Catherine, along with his church and ministry, in the online publication Orthodoxy in Dialogue. The Court awarded $300,000 in damages against Sanfilippo, the outlet’s editor, for publishing false, malicious, and defamatory statements and accusations concerning the priest and his ministry, and for harassing the Trenhams.