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According to, “Priest of St Elisabeth’s Parish, Wallasey, England; also serving the new Mission Parish in Telford, England”
That would explain the beautiful green pastures full of sheep. :)

Can't believe people were writing to him accusing him of overdubbing country sound effects, and standing in front of a GreenScreen lol, what is going on with some people...
Yea some people have too much time on their hands obviously.

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The fundamental evil of Western civilization:

Well well well what would that be :laughter:
Ah you beat me to it. :) Notice the back picture. Fr. for sure read the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.
I always love it when you come to the realization that someone "gets it". You know that if you would say certain words to that person he would get it immediately. Fr Spyridon would exactly be that person. I believe many now come to the partial truth of knowing only a certain aspect of it like coronavirus, often maintaining stuck in their atheist worldview. It's quite something to actually plough through the layer beneath that and opening up everything from banking elites to freemasons and then more importantly realizing that would you've been fighting for, secular freedom and culture based on liberal rights, was a backup scam of the elite to trap you once you'd seen through the first. Actually for me Orthodoxy and the kingdom of Satan would be a handbook on truth: it may not be the deepest analysis but it frankly captures all puzzle pieces you need to know.

Charbel Makhlouf

I cracked open by copy of In Search of Holy Russia last night and WOW, what a blessing that book is. It is packed full of goodness and wisdom. I felt compelled to share some passages and encourage others to obtain a copy and read it. It is so nourishing to the soul.

An excerpt quoting a Russian priest on fasting:

We know that before a football team can play in the final, it must pass through the early rounds. In the same way, anyone who wants to progress in the spiritual life must win in the early stages of their development. To reach the heights of spiritual growth that the saints demonstrate to us, we must be victorious over the basic parts of our lives.
Food is necessary for life, but unless we overcome the belly we cannot even think that we have made a start. There is not a single person who has achieved holiness that did not fast. So if we want to know God, we must fast too.
We must stay on the golden path, down the middle, turning neither to the left or the right. Of course we are to resist gluttony, this is well known, and the signs of overeating become obvious to everyone. But we are not monks, and we must not try to fast like monks. We have Wednesdays and Fridays to fast, we have Lend and all the other prescribed periods of fasting, this is enough for our salvation: beyond this we must not go. Too many of my people fall into the trap of wanting to do more. In confession they ask if they may have a blessing to fast also on Mondays like the monks do. And I say no! Always no. It is turning from the golden path, and is more dangerous than overeating. When we set ourselves above our neighbours, when we secretly do more and think we are better than them, this is a great fall.
I see so many times people coming close to this trap. To be overzealous is dangerous, let what the Church has commanded us to do be enough. We must remember that being boastful is not just a matter of what we say, we can be boastful in the heart while still making a show of being humble. But such outward shows are another topic all together; Saint John of Kronstadt said that God is able to save the sinners we are, but not the saints we pretend to be.