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I'm happy he doesn't work with AFR anymore!
He works with Patristic Faith where you can find his recent work, along with others:

His page on PF:
Thank you, very good to know Father Spyridon has not disappeared - I listen to his homilies every day, and find his wisdom and teaching of immense value.

Can I ask what’s wrong with AFR in your eyes? I genuinely don’t have a dog in this fight, so I’d be interested to know the background and perhaps why the Father moved on from them.

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Amazing sermon:

"If we listen to the wisdom of the world, we are listening to the Voice of Death."
What a beautiful quote. I struggle with the idea that you want to do something to turn society around. Not only on the corona stuff but also on cultural, social, every other layer. But the ship is already filled to the deck and it'll make a few more meters before it sinks. All we've got to do is finding the people who jumped on the rescue boat. I hate to say it but we've got to let the people perish with the ship who choose to do so. This is a big conflict in my mind but imagine what it takes from someone to first see the corona scam - but that's the first. If they've gone through that, they got to dig through the social cultural stuff, the feminism, all these lies. Unless there's a strong intrinsic willingness and drive to go through that difficult and narrow path it can't be done. Us arguing with them about feminism - they will not be able to see it.


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As usual you are right Victor, this ship is beyond a point of no return. We don't have to look far to to see in what kind of situation we are. It's in the old testament. The old world was so rife with sin that the only solution was the Noah's Arc.
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