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For me, those two brief descriptions are nods to how universally difficult it is for humans to communicate their most defining experiences or sights without losing some of the desired affect.

And that in the grand scheme of things, they are forgotten anyway. Hence- tears in rain.

Its a predicament that everyone from Carl Sagan to King Solomon would agree on.

My grandfather once said that as soon as they invented quantum computers with screens that could link to human brains and make movies out of memories, he would do it for us. Never happened, of course. I'm sure some of the WWII stuff would have been terrifying to watch, anyway. But a very long interesting life he had. That computer comment though, was an indirect admission that old guy stories, told multiple times, even to interested folk, still can't convey the full experience. Someone will never 'get it' as well as you would like, and its nobody's fault.

Its why you usually can't show more than five vacation pictures, especially landscape ones, without the intended party indicating that they're bored.

Its why older folk who drift into nostalgia of their youngers days almost always become objects of ridicule.

Its why when someone dies the intensity of grief radiates out from next of kin and drops off rapidly until you're just another name read in the newspaper obituary.

This ain't to be salty or pretentious. It was just an exceptionally good actor and an exceptionally good character, is all.
Ahhhhh the mention of one's memories. That subject is covered quite heavily in the sequel to Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2049 is just as good as the original IMHO. I hope you have seen it or have a chance to view it. My first impression was "Meh!!!" but then after watching it a second time there are many themes explored in this sequel that creeps up on you. Lots of subtle underplay in the characterizations.


In Last of the Mohicans - the fight scene between Chingachgook and Magua after Magua kills Chingachgook's son, Uncas. I always thought the cinematography and music (promenade) were really well done in this film.

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The nineties - last decade of great comedies. Mr Spielberg did a good job on this one. Probably involuntarily. Bot nonetheless: "A one armed Jew? Twice as useless!" Mega LOLs. Spilled my popcorn on this one.