Feminist 'author' argues some people ARE entitled to sex (sort of); endless double-speak used to dance around the obvious implications.

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Feminist 'author' argues some people ARE entitled to sex (sort of); endless double-speak used to dance around the obvious implications.

Is there a right to sex? Feminist philosopher confronts the politics of sexual desire

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Article summarized:

• Anyone who identifies as a 'hetero-sexual white male' has no entitlement to sex - and rejecting them is fully justified.
• Anyone who identifies from an 'oppressed group' also has no entitlement to sex (sort of) - but you don't get a "free pass" when rejecting them; instead you need to be "corrected" with "political interrogating" for the "injustice/discrimination" caused by your lacking a more open mind.

Ecclesiastes 12:12; Ephesians 5:5-7; Colossians 2:8


This is an interesting impasse. Eventually, we were going to have to confront this issue and it's long overdue, and given the left's obsession with pathetic people and, especially sex, you'd think this would have come up earlier. Are people entitled to sex? If they are then this idea will result in an unmitigated catastrophe, because, effectively all people will lose the sovereignty of their bodies.

Entitled means you get it, in this case, sex, immediately and on-demand, from anyone. Worse still, how do you expect such a decision to unfold? Mathematically there are more unattractive people than attractive, as per a normal distribution, therefore, those on the right side (attractive) would be consistent targets of rape. And it will be rape. Even if the population is subdued to such a degree they somehow submit to this as some kind of "social development" or even, gasp, "progress", its still a violation and still rape.

But, think about this. This is simply an absurd outcome. I don't care how interconnected we are or if we have iPads. Therefore, I don't really see this unfolding. So then what? Well, the obvious will be too obvious even for leftists who hate that which is obvious. In other words, it will reveal the falsity of our times, which is equality. This idea of sex and entitlement comes from equality. Equality maintains that no one is different from another. Naturally, and instantaneously, there's a multitude of contrary elements refuting this idea whole cloth. But, the leftists find "ways" around it with subterfuge and lying and deceit and so on. And lies beget lies, which beget more lies.

As follows, if we're all exactly the same then the laws of attraction, i.e. genetic fitness, personal fitness, intelligence (the conventional markers that make a person attractive), must be in error. For such a law force ranks people and reveals through a selection process that people are not at all equal. This must go. And so we hear all about abolishing "traditional beauty standards", again, labeling and pathologizing - the typical MO of the left. Again, I doubt this will happen. This cannot be abolished. Simply put, no one is going to enjoy living in such a society.

Huxley's Brave New World helps to assuage the awful reality this would be and, alas, as prescient as he's been, this is still fiction. He says people will "oblige" a sexual advance. This is very naive. Sex is far more than a simple orgasm to opening a door for someone else (a la "oblige"), which the left thinks it is. Such thinking denies the emotional attachments and extreme intimacy that occurs. Already, the "hook up culture" has resulted in a lot of misery. Compulsive sexual encounters will make this far worse.

I see this as a good thing because I don't see us going Huxley's route, rather, it will force a major upheaval and result in a renewed understanding of human sexuality. We'll re-learn to take sex seriously and to handle it not with reckless abandon, but restraint and, above all, responsibility. It will be the antidote to the sexual revolution.


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Why does everything have to inevitably be "political" with these people?
To make women into revolutionary golems (and any other demographic they care to target) who want to deal with their problems with state force, if you'll forgive the tautology.

Ugly and horny? Well then, the obvious answer is to enact laws and unleash cops on the men who won't bang you.

We already live in a world where men can be forced to pay child support for children who aren't theirs.

Note the critique at the end: the problem in their eyes is that it doesn't go far enough.
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All manner of evil and corruption are inflicted on some camouflaged under the guise of someones else's "rights".

The ideologues (aka useful idiots) derive much of their self value from these causes because in the real world they know deep down that they are "less" and need the cause

It rarely occurs to them that they are disposable puppets until the strings are cut and its too late


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Of course its an act of discrimination if you decide not to have sex with someone. We discriminate all the time. I don't lend my possessions to dodgy crack heads, I don't tell personal secrets to people who gossip, I don't want to engage in a romantic relationship with someone I don't feel attracted to...

We all get discriminated against all the time. It's part of life. There is no need to rectify this, nor can it ever reasonably be eliminated. If you're not attracting people its on you to change that, you cannot expect people to alter who or what they find attractive...


In her book The Right to Sex, Amia Srinivasan explores the complex politics of desire, autonomy and entitlement. Her work dives into the moral and political complexities of sex, and what it would mean to achieve true sexual liberation.
This description sounds like another useless liberal arts essay. Do these people realize how farcical it is ? Is there anyone who actually reads this book ? Or is it just virtue signaling for a club of people patting themselves on the back ? An intellectual club of other deep divers, I presume.


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This morbidly obese fat feminist claims it’s bigotry and discrimination to not want to sleep with fat people (this is not a joke/spoof video):

This sounds like the equivalent of guys with nothing much to offer who try to explain logically to a woman who is flat out not attracted to him why she should be with him. But without any logic.

And no, I'm not going to watch it and find out.