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Usually don’t post here, but have been chatting with a Filipina (age 23) online for a couple months now.

At first I was just playfully texting, thinking it was nice to talk to someone (simping if you want to call it that)...

However, I am starting to believe that this girl has many wife material qualities.

-can cook

As a guy who lives in the USA, these traits are extremely rare in my country.

I told myself I would never do long distance, but shit....seems like a quality woman. Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience? Am I being naive? I appreciate honesty.

My situation:
Late twenties....hope to start family someday. Career wise...not where I want to be yet.


@buja that’s another thing...has not asked once about my money situation.

Her questions are regularly about how I am doing and how my family is doing.

My mom has some health issues, and she has told me that she regularly prays for mom.

Looks wise she is not 10/10...but I would say solid 6.

Thanks for the input buja.


Not really my wave to invest so much time and attention into a woman I've never physically met before, but to each his own. Have you at least done a video chat to verify that she actually is who she says she is?



I agree w/ time and attention statement. Yes I have.

But that’s why I made the post. I’ve told myself I won’t do long distance, but at the same time I recognize that finding quality women in my country is rare. (Scarcity mindset...but I believe it to be accurate).


This is my first post here. But I am doing the same for similar reasons with another Christian. We are both 24 and I'm from UK. For 5/6 months now..
Can exchange some thoughts if you like, OP?


@mike good advice

@joost solid 6...sure and better. But a Christian, virgin 6 w/ a feminine/motherly disposition....good luck.

@Kona lol

@sil for sure man

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You haven't invested financially in this Broad yet... which is good! Thread carefully... but most importantly... invest in some Game Certified knowledge once you meet this Broad! Unfortunately, this kind of knowledge from the RVF GOAT's of the Past is no longer here! Even though you ain't a Player... invest in knowing about Red Pill truth in holding a relationship together! That's a MUST!

At the moment, Donovan Sharpe is a pretty good source to gain this knowledge if you don't already have it! Check him out on Youtube! Plus he fully Roosh's certified (that is the Player version of Roosh of course)... as he used to write for Return of Kings back when it was active! Protect youself cuz them Filipina Broads sure as Hell know how to play this Bait & Switch Game! Good luck!


I've come across these types of girls, they're a dime a dozen. On dating sites they'll set their location to LA/Seattle even though they're back in the Philippines.

I don't want to tell you that you haven't found a real one, but do you think she's as enthusiastic to talk to a native Filipino guy?


dont start an actual relationship with her untill you meet here... just be friends online or smth. I wouldnt trust a girl who would call you her boyfriend after a few messages... just keep it casual for now. you ll see if there is potential for a relationship later on when you meet her. she sounds like a really good girl but dont let fantasies and dreams mess you head up.
I'd quit talking to her asap. She's from a totally different culture where getting the fuck out of the Philippines is her primary goal. There are plenty of men in the Philippines, if she was so chaste and loyal she'd have found a man by now.

Dont believe her bullshit, work on your own value and focus on your career and women will come.

Never underestimate 3rd world women's guile. This isn't the 80s when mail order brides worked on occasion.

She's a virgin and I'm a 6' 3" astronaut tech startup mogul.


Virtual dating? What a waste of your valuable time and energy. I don't care if we are quarantine, this is beyond stupid getting romantically involved for months with someone who you haven't even met.

-wife material
-virgin at age 23

Don't make me laugh. This is even worse than long distance relationships. Trust me. She's getting plowed by someone.

You stated you are in your late 20's and not doing financially well as you would like. Drop this silly romantic relationship and focus on how to get where you want to be financially while you are still in your prime. Imagine now being 40 and you are exactly where you at now because you wasted your time with virtual relationships. Don't forget about the psychological damage it would do to your mental health.


Seeing a lot of skepticism as to whether this girl is a virgin.

@forest valid point on getting out of PH

@silent how can you be sure she is “getting plowed by someone”....this girl gave me her passwords to all of her social media accounts. My judgement is telling me that she is a virgin.


Seeing a lot of skepticism as to whether this girl is a virgin.

@forest valid point on getting out of PH

@silent how can you be sure she is “getting plowed by someone”....this girl gave me her passwords to all of her social media accounts. My judgement is telling me that she is a virgin.



So having her social media accounts means she's not getting plowed? She could be talking to her pimp on the phone every single day. Or maybe talking to her mom for advice on how to make you happy. You have no idea.

That's a long shot bet.

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I have like 16 years SEA experience and 9 years PH experience... she might be a bar girl or she might be a virgin. Only one way to find out. If you want to pursue this, get on a plane ASAP. Some of these chicks are real and get married after 2 years of webcam relationship and then it works out. Insane, but somewhat common in Philippines. Equally common are scams. I'll add that at your age it's much more likely to be legit though. When I was your age, it was never about money for them. They target older guys for that. Still though, find out in person