Financial crash thread (2022-2024)


I marvel at the fact that, in spite of the threat of his entire life savings being wiped out, he still had the mind to see an investment opportunity and buy the bank's stock at a low price. I wonder if for the rich, making money becomes so ingrained that they don't know how NOT to do it.


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... but he lost (as of now) on that trade, currently, no?

Correct, in these types of scenarios when a company is wiped out, share (stock) holders get nothing, they’re last in line to even get any bread crumbs should it become available. The bond holders are always first, followed by preferred share holders.

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How are people buying in the future market right now? I've been short since December, and have gone through ups and downs, but more recently these revelations make me just as, or more, convicted that I'm sitting on a great position (or two) regarding the eventual decline. They tried the bear market rally, and it didn't work. I don't see anyone bothering trying again, now that S&P is under 3900. And the Russell? LOL, forget about it. April is going to be a doozy if the next 3 weeks aren't.


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"Strongsuit" is a good example of the type of nonsense "tech" company (read: non-technical company that happens to function through a smartphone app) that has no business existing in the first place, and which would never have even gotten off the ground in an economy that hadn't been juiced to the gills with cheap money.


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Can't help but think if this was some random bank in the midwest there would be no bailout. Too many connected people stand to lose so they get a fat bailout. Once again our "capitalist" "free market" is meddled with by the federal reserve and government.
I think they’re more worried about depositors losing confidence in bank deposits in general, a run on the banks causing other banks to fall like dominoes.



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That one raised an eyebrow.:hmm:


"Hello fellow middle class Americans. I'm just a former employee of McKinsey who helped author some Covid and climate change white papers, who has Navy Seals special ops in my rolodex, and magically can get whatever VC and angel cash I desire at any time. Our family's third car (that we beat the crap out of during the winter) is a 1 year old Honda.

I'm just out here bootstrapping a startup. It's sort of like the boutique that bored, rich housewives run when their husbands are in "manufacturing" (Raytheon).

Wow, those Atlanta Raiders sure did well against the Hartford Globetrotters on this weekend's sportsball game. Tell me, what's your chosen boat cover material for the breezy Martha's Vineyard winters?"

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Currently short 3X the Russel 2000.
You're welcome.

And by the way, nice post. It's good when you're early, but not too early (like Mr. Schiff). We've been pretty much all over this. Let's hope the BTC play makes our retirement that much easier. Of course, BTC going up (or similar scenarios) typically go with a more dystopian world, from what we're used to at least ...


The Silicon Bank event is undoubtedly significant. Here are some of my thoughts. Whatever happens, I refuse to support a bailout and to the best of my ability will resist. I don't care how futile that statement sounds versus what the "policymakers" end up doing, but, as far as I'm concerned a bailout is off the table. We have to let the bill come due. This "system" is not worth preserving. Much of the reason why this bank failed was due to its politics, which have no place in a for-profit institution. If they're bailed out then another crop of morons will do the same. If they're not then the business world will swiftly, as they always do, pivot away from all of this.

But, its more than that. I'm sick of being told I'm a second-class citizen because I'm white, male, straight, and Catholic. I'm sick of seeing underqualified people "get ahead" because of affirmative action and then act like they're superior once they get their little title. I'm sick of hearing lies such as men can be pregnant or obesity is actually healthy. I'm sick of hearing from criminals. I'm sick of hearing that kids are groomed and indoctrinated in public schools to be sex objects for perverted adults, so, they can "get their kink on". I'm sick of hearing credentialed "medical" professionals that the only solution for mental illness is to castrate or mutilate yourself. I'm sick of seeing young children fondle grown men in lingerie as they perform sex dances in front of them. I'm sick of being a pedophile-affirming culture. I'm sick of sex being the highest aspiration and the only thing that matters.

I truly hate what society has become. This is no way to live. We are literally living in hell. It doesn't have to be this way. Let it burn. Let it fail. There is no reason to support it. We live in an evil country. Yes, we're all going to feel pain. But, in the end, we need this to happen because, on the other side of this, it will be much better. Everything that is happening and will be happening is due to the radical left. This is their colossal failure. Don't forget their names and faces because we live among scores of pedophiles and pedophile enablers - they're your teachers, neighbors etc and they deserve nothing but contempt. This collapse is their fault.