Finding nicer/happier women

I can give you my rating for the caucuses but not much else...either going to wind up there or somewhere in southeast asia.

1st place: Armenia (you've got lots of options here courtesy of the Armenian diaspora and given the state the country is in a well financed western should be in good stead. Business oppertunities are however dismal, by far the most corrupt and incompetent government in the region. )
2nd place: Georgia (options are more limited lookwise however Georgia besides it's unfortunate tendencies to bash Russia and suck up to the west has it's head screwed on straight. Founding a business locally is not a bad idea, other plus is that English is becoming increasingly widespread)
3rd place: Azerbaijan (while unfortunately a muslim nation Azerbaijan is a far cry from our favorite sunni crazies over in saudi, like the Iranians they are Shia and far more secular then them to boot. As witnessed by the recent war they also have their heads screwed on straight, given the natural resources they sit on the country could be a good spot to setup a business.)
~Duh Option: Go to a catholic/orthodox/reformed baptist/reformed Presbyterian church, best girls, best m/f ratios, (their dads are the ones trying to specifically recruit Christian guys at colleges, and the reason is they want husbands for their daughters. no joke)

~Sneaky Option: Join a community garden. At a college or just around. Look on NextDoor if you have trouble finding one.

~Extra Sneak: Get a side job or volunteer at a tree/plant nursery. lots of nice qts and community types, tell them you volunteer there because you love nature, keep the politics on the DL.

~Bug out girl: Scope out a small town via air b&b

~Dad's Choice Award: forget girls, make friends with traditional men age 35-55. They have more daughters than others (my Catholic friends tell me this method is good, 2 getting married soon, neither are superman or rich). Go to a theological school and find the good guy professors they always have GIANT families and interesting conversation. Also see: gun ranges, muzzle loader clubs (for some reason), volunteer organizations house building/house repair projects, church guys, anywhere good old boys are to be found.

~MAN UP AND MARRY THAT S-: Danger zone strategy. Marry a girl with a bad history or less than 3 kids, but only if she wants 6+ kids. giant family girls more repentant then take-care-of-my-bastard girls. Not optimal but you gotta do what you gotta do.

~Become magnet: Use social media, performance, or notable action to gain influence in your area. You will meet the kind of people that are interested in what you are doing. You can meet MANY nice girls by doing simple actions like taming wild animals near a mid-high traffic footpath (squirrels and birds) on a college campus or in a park. They will come up to you. Most hedonists are not interested in nurturing random animals, see Roosh before and after.

~Art Stunts: This is a weird one. example: Learn to write poetry or copy a romantic poet. Write your sexy anon poems on card in stylish dark envelopes. Put envelopes near extrovert traffic (for example, a theater college building). Repeat until people start hanging around trying to find out who is doing it. The person that stalks you out of pure curiosity will know 10 girls that you would be interested in, because they are a super extravert with lots of time on their hands. <THIS WORKS. I dunnno what you are good at but come up with a varient that: expresses your skill, prompts curiosity, and can be locally demonstrated.

Message me if you want ideas more practical for you we can do this all day.

Important Notes:
~Learn to SPEAK instead of TALK. People are hungry for inspiration and hope. Compliment older people <especially> on their unsung qualities and you will get opportunities you were never offered before. I see people regularly cry because of this. Everyone is dressing up, working hard, and then waiting for compliments that they never hear in our narcissistic society.

~Do not just look for a wife, look for small social circles. Girls that you think are cute wife material have friends and sisters and nieces and daughters and cousins and friends. Just offer to help people with what you are good at. If you are a white guy and don't look like Frankenstien people will usually welcome your offer.

~Accept that you might get divorced. Instead of asking internet people about this go befriend a divorce attorney or tell a pastor that it scares you (and he will introduce you to a divorce attorney) and ask them:
1) How do I get custody if she cheats on me?
2) How do I protect my assets is prenups do not work?
3) What do I do if I am suspicious of my wife?
There are actually answers to these questions for a man but they depend on your state.

Deny the culture! Defy the odds! Damn the consequences!
Search for love like El Dorado if you want it and love life even if you lose it.
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also LOL at people here saying NO WITE GIRL, MARRY PAKISTAN.
Same problems everywhere that the internet is bub.

Good girls are statistically unlikely, but then again, so are you. -> yet you exist somehow

and you will find good girls, even in San Francisco.
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Lmao, great list bro, but I highly disagree with you about San Francisco, I live in the bay area. The only thing in SF now is human feces everywhere and sjw women.
Lmao, great list bro, but I highly disagree with you about San Francisco, I live in the bay area. The only thing in SF now is human feces everywhere and sjw women.
There are people that move to SF just to preach the Gospel, people that go there just to work, and people that are called from the darkness. It's not Sodom quite yet seeing as it isn't a smoking crater
I disagree with your choice of countries if you want to avoid crazy women lol.
I dunno about all the other stuff you lumped in here, like me being "unhappy about not finding a wife". I'm divorced, that's not me lol. I'm pretty happy at the moment also. This has been a great year for me. Relax. I won't take your Columbian wife away.

As Roosh has said, it's a big gamble to try to marry someone abroad. If she's looking outside her own culture for men, she's already problematic. I agree with that as someone who has dated latina chicks.
Whatever you do do not bring the Latinas to North America.
Either they want to stay, think things are better here, or they will get home sick. I have had both, one left because I couldn't move back to her country fast enough.
And the other left because I need to immigrate/retire in her country. Due to divorce/rape. Cannot retire in Can. too expensive.
I can't win......?
1) I'm not "black pilled" about marriage. I'm just realistic about my personal prospects. Marriage isn't good for everyone. I encourage those of you who want to get married to get married. Bitter about my divorce? It was a decade ago, I am hardly bitter about it. I initiated it. One of the best decisions I've made.

2) If I do get married again, I will only have a Christian wife, but I do think the guys here who view marriage religiously are living in a blue pilled fantasy land. You're not getting married in a cultural vacuum just because you happen to use God and Jesus in every other sentence. Be more reality-focused.

3) Franssen has wisened up to know that nicewhites in Utah, Idaho, Montana and elsewhere in rural America are not experienced enough to be leaders of some kind of resistance. I agree with him. It's East Coast ex-liberals like myself that are the proper resistance to the poz. We're the future. Roosh included. We know what's going on, we know what needs to happen. Sorry, the Mormons are not the future. Only angry and outspoken, realty-based, fed up (and not 1950s bubble world obsessed) East Coasters are on the right side.

Try having a conversation about demographics with someone in Wyoming. I dare you. You won't get the perspective you think you'll get.
What I offer men: reality-based conversations, not bubble world 1950s

My brother married a young woman from a strong southern family. The parents had a good marriage, and were both medical professionals, who spoiled her all they could. Well, this gal in her mid twenties, a young professional, after a few years, started treating my brother like garbage. She had given him two children, and then decided the house my brother had lovingly rebuilt before they ever met, would have to be sold when she decided to demand a divorce! My brother had to take out a huge bank loan to avoid losing his home. Despite having a good job, my brother struggles due to all the money she sucks out of him each month. Yes, she has two wonderful parents, and had a loving childhood, but that just did not matter. During the divorce, her father was heartbroken, and begged my brother's forgiveness for what his own daughter was doing. My brother is a terrific guy & great dad, and the father loves him like a son.
One more decent man on the male garbage pile. Sad.
I am starting to think that women are treating men like cell phones......
Need a new one every few years.
The dating dynamics in the United States is really messed up. We now have a situation where it’s now legal for gays to get married and even adopt children now. Transsexualism is now being promoted and pushed very heavily. There are now many instances where college age girls are now being encouraged to pursue this as well as men. Then you have the whole milf/cougar thing where you have older women dating guys that are way younger than them. However, if an older guy try’s to date a younger women, he’s then grilled and accused of being a pervert and other vile things. In other countries, this is not unusual and people don’t get bent out of shape if an older guy starts dating a women that is significantly younger than him. It’s a very messed up situation.
The younger girls are looking for stability and a one woman man. An older man probably will not beat them or sleep with other women as is the custom. Age is just a number. (As long as they are adults 18+)


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In my own personal experience, the cheeriest and happiest women I've met have been Latina Evangelicals. The posts I made in my women white pill thread were all from those Latina women I know through the evangelical/non-denom church scene



I share this problem, but also the general problem of just not meeting women... no leads.

I do construction and am well paid and busy. The problem is no women. I hate nightlife and have no interest in trying it. I'm good looking, top 1% physique and have a good cashpile... I honestly am stumped about how to meet and flex this to quality women
If you want to find nice and happy women, I think you have to look at where they spiritually stand. We know - some of us by default, some of us by trial and error - that the secular, material trap that's pushed upon us by the culture since birth will lead to a path of darkness. Hence, women also who follow this path will find darkness, a lack of joy, a continous push for more, more, more etc. The only solution to niceness (genuineness better to say) and happiness (joyfulness, peacefulness better to say) is through faith.