Foreign Brides and Divorce


If you meet a girl in the EE or Poland, do you think she would actually want to move to the USA or want you to live with her family there? I've heard that some women actually don't want to move to the USA because it is too far from her parents. I guess it depends if she has a job and her age. Some women might get sick of the usa after a few years due to the language and culture differences.
I think the Swiss failure rates are interesting. Women from that country have no financial incentive to marry a non-Swiss man, as the standard of living is already plenty high enough as it is, meaning they married for "love" presumably. It goes to show you that culture and upbringing matter!

Australia Sucks

Great thread.

Although I will say in Australia most of the men I see walking around with imported Asian wives are older men with older women (but not as old as they are). For example a typical couple of this type might be a 65 year old guy who has been divorce raped walking around with a 45 - 50 year old Asian plane Jane who is now his second wife. But generally despite that these women are not so youthful or beautiful they seem like happy couples as the woman treats the man well and is still more attractive than any local woman that he could get.

In Sydney, I do occasionally see very young and nerdy looking white guys (18 - 25) walking around with Asian plain Janes (you rarely see them with Asian stunners). But these are usually girlfirends and not wives and often they met at univeristy or something like that.