Former NFL Player, Zac Stacy Beats his Ex-Girlfriend on Video. Now on the Run.

I'm not so sure that this isn't an old video.

That guy could be any well paid gentleman working reluctantly for some 'white supremiss' institution.
The white female just another domestic violence enabler caught in codependency and slowly turning into a future single mother.

That 5 month old in the cot.. maybe one day he'll write a book about his onscreen father that he will hardly ever see again.

He may even call that book:
"Dreams From My Father".

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that this colorised video footage, shot in early 1960's Hawaii, gives us a great insight into the happy, carefree childhood days of one young Barack... Hussein... Obama.


She married the guy to gain access to his resources via kids. Then once she got what she wanted she tossed him out. Seems to happen a lot to black athletes and rappers.


I wonder what the media would have said if while she was on the ground after the first WWE slam into the TV, she pulled out a gun and shot him. Would the media say "oh she shouldn't have brought a gun to a WWE match, she should have just taken the beating" Or would they take back their words about Rittenhouse and say she was justified in self defense. Since she was white and he was black, the media wouldn't know which angle to go. Would she be a hero for saving herself from her abuser, or would she be a racist white supremacist? That vid was tough to watch though.
Looks like a 1st round pick on fantasy prison team to me.,,,yikes

Jokes aside that was hard to watch.. . He could have easily killed her if she;d hit her head or broken her neck
hard to watch.
imagine the terrified 5 month old with no real future memories of this, just a sense of fear and menace and terror all around him that he later attributes to wider society and to his generalised surroundings.

'your parents become your superego' as psychologists say.

I think that Obama had pretty much the same early childhood except his father was mentioned as an alcoholic as well as a wife beater.

think this sort of thing explains the blank souled sociopathy of people like Obama, George Gascon, Dan Andrews..although by their adult years just how broken they are inside is better covered up by having a cause to constantly discuss and a public profile to constantly promote.

Which explains a little what led them to take up a political career in the first place.