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They are censoring not only because of Trump. But what will come in the next months. Im guessing its something big. Full communist impact ahead.
Now theres a lot of confusion. Hopefully usual suspects dont take advantage.
You should pass this to telegram. Even though a lesser version. And people should download the app while its still available.


Robots can read the whole forum obviously without a login
or how can this be described?



Robots can read the whole forum obviously without a login
or how can this be described?
The page is still there, and Bing will have indexed it at some point so they're checking what's new. But now they should just get a login form instead of the previous content.

Dr Mantis Toboggan

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This is a good idea. The purge is coming, and Biden has even announced all of it: anti terrorist government groups to purge and track down wrongthinkers. All of us would fit the new definition of the word terrorist as it includes Trump supporters. It’s terrifying.

In fact they probably could collect all of our ip addresses and send federal agents to round us up, I’m not trying to be an alarmist but this is happening.

Yep. They're limited only by their resources (there are a lot of us and relatively few goons they trust to drag people out of their homes at 3 am for wrongthink).


I also recommend all users begin hardening their online security if they have not already done so. It is within the realm of possibility that blackhat groups will be given support to target conservative voices online and this forum would be a relatively high-profile takedown, or at least – the media coverage would have traction due to Roosh.

I am also considering hardening my personal security and to replace a few globalist apps :
- Lastpass : password manager, big weak point if the police asks them about your data then they can login to all your apps
- Gmail : app accounts are usually recoverable by email. I am more and more thinking about switching to self-hosted mail service
- Evernote : became shitty since version 10. If like me you use this app a lot, it could be a wise move to replace them with something open source like Joplin. Only weak point that prevents me from making the switch is the extremely slow syncing speed of Joplin


enable 2 factor authentication in your profiles asap. It is a huge security boost.
Ehhhh, security in which direction? It makes this account harder to be broken into, but it attaches a phone (via the information the app has about my device) to this account.

I don't think anyone would want to break into this account and impersonate me on here - there's no real payoff there. I do think people might be interested in finding out who "kel" is and ruin his life for having posted on such a problematic forum. IMO 2FA protects you from the first threat while making you more open to the latter.

Personally, anything I can't sign up for with a burner email and no app/text/whatever verification I just don't sign up for nowadays (now that the burner receive-only text numbers are largely filtered out).


That said, I strongly endorse keeping the forum private to non-members, indefinitely. While this measure won't prevent infiltration post-registeration, it does reduce the threat of broad, public web searches.

All the best for 2021.
Events are in flux. I will adapt to the level of persecution we face.
Will it be possible to download that powerpoint?
@Roosh you did switch to EPIK domains, right ?
I won't share these kind of details publicly.

As for robots, if you look to the right you see a triangle icon. Hover over it with your mouse to see "Viewing an error". So the robots are hitting URLs they already know.