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Tex Cruise


This is one of the most clickbaity stupid articles I've seen in some time.
The plural "priests" somehow becomes the singular "priest" between the text and the headline.

The report included "disturbing" accounts of nuns impregnated by priests, including one case in Malawi where 29 sisters in one congregation became pregnant by priests in the diocese.

That's what it says, and no timeframe for when these pregnancies occurred in is given. Was it over the past 50 years? Possibly.

That's a very different statement to...
Catholic priest impregnates 30 Roman Sisters

The rest of the article is all about "sexual abuse of nuns", never once considering the idea that just maybe, they weren't entirely without sin themselves.



They're on to me. I've finally hit the big leagues.

I wish I would've seen this post before he left. My username definitely doesn't have to do with the Biblical story my name comes from. My name in real life is actually Felix, as my avatar suggests.


I’m at a hotel and the only watcheable thing on is Rick and Morty.

Rick has one line about “obviously their society is being manipulated by sex and advanced technology by a hidden ruling class! Sound Familiar?”

They’re a bit more redpill than they let their dork fanbase realize m.