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By the accent that farmer is from the border lands, Louth Monaghan Dundalk etc. ie: bandit country.

They never liked the Gardai whom they saw as sissies during the troubles.

Now that the Globo-homo loving Gardai are trying to enforce Covid and are recommending globe-homo RTE as their cited authority the contempt has likely trebled..


Hello brothers,

Haven't been able to login for almost three months now, the craziness of the elections was still going on. Decided to take a trip to see my family for the holidays to Cuba for a couple of weeks and the country decided a couple of hundred cases of covid a day was enough to shutdown the airports and ruin everyone's life for a month or two.

Just recently got back to the complete fuckery that is happening here in the states. Hope everyone is doing well!


Came back from practice and studying an assignment. Spent all night watching the anime Claymore. My God that was a good show!! Been ages since I've watched one. Around 4 years.. Reminds me of when I was a teenager and would stay up watching shows care free.

Do not regret my decision one bit! :D I can't believe how thoroughly I enjoyed that time. Its been such a long time focusing on the ills of the world, blah blah blah going on in Ireland or America. I swear just thinking about these simplistic stories about triumphs, some serious masculine content is comforting in a way. Same way I feel after a nice workout or good game. It really is therapeutic.


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Forum member @BoiBoi triggered a "Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach":
Being a non-native English speaker, the expression “neurotic woman” gave me chills. It sounded like an expression from the 18th century when words such as hysteria were used to describe women to dismiss and suppress their emotions. So, I looked up at the dictionary and got this definition:
“If you say that someone is neurotic, you mean that they are always frightened or worried about things that you consider unimportant.”
OK, that calmed me down a little bit. It didn’t sound so threatening or scary… So I decided to read the thread on the forum.


As I read his description of his girlfriend, calling her “highly neurotic”, I started to feel agitated.


This is the only online community that I'm part of. I don't use any social media, never had Instagram nor Twitter. I'm kind of an online hermit and as such, I never had another person writing about me on the internet. Despite the personal attacks, I actually feel kind of flattered, so thank you Hakima T.
In case you are reading this: The term "Neuroticism" is actually used in mainstream psychology and describes a continuum that is part of the Big-5 Personality Test matrix. There is nothing offensive about it. It's just a made up yard stick to measure your susceptibility to experiencing negative emotions. I encourage you to look it up. You may find yourself scoring high on it, which could explain your relationship struggles.

@Roosh: Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Translation of the whole dialogue:
“-auction market, and saw the prices of items; Prices of goods back during GST (Goods & Services tax) were cheaper compared to-“

“Wasn’t it a casino MP Kinabatangan?”

“What is this?! This is rude you member of parliament, take your words back absolutely disrespectful your honourable shouldn’t be sitting here (in this parliament); Thug! What you want?! You wanna have a fight with me?!! Anytime!!”

“I was just asking MP Kinabatangan oh just take a seat first”

“Fuck you!!” entire parliament erupts into chaos

“Take your words back!!”

“This has nothing do with you!! (x2)”

“Dear Honourable Deputy Speaker (I think), Kinabatangan MP must take his words back”


I've been banned. Its your forum Roosh I accept by your decision but I think I deserve one last post to speak my mind.

Roosh, I supported you for a long time. Bought your books and other content. I defended you when you weren't the easiest guy to defend. I was there during the midst of the global meetup hoax when you admitted you were close to breaking down in the private Slack room. Does that mean I should get to break the rules of the forum? No. But that's just to explain to you where I'm coming from.

You have given me warnings for ticky-tack violations. You gave me a warning for bad language which I understood and changed my posts accordingly. You then gave me a warning for using internet jargon (lmao) which I thought was ridiculous but I changed my future posts to abide by your rules. Then the latest warning was because I made a comment about Trump's planned social network because I was supposedly engaging in mindless Trump hate. This is much less than what you got suspended on Twitter for Roosh. Guess in the end you're no different then those Twitter mods you hurt the feelings of huh? I do not hate Trump and I always try not to get in one of those hate echo chambers where all you do is be angry about something even if the target warrants it. You're very selective where you will allow hate echo chambers about certain groups but not others you have a emotional investment in. Trump has done a lot of stupid things and he deserves a little snark. Then I got permanently banned because I talked back to you in a private message about this and made a quip of you being the TADL (Trump Anti-Defamation League). That's fine its your private forum, I guess I'll just have to build my own But let me get out everything I've been meaning to say to you now that I'm banned.

You fell for the Qanon hoax and the "Trump is going to declare martial law" meme. You accused those of us who were skeptical of this as being concern trollers and spreading negativity. I went out of my way to shut my mouth and not post about how stupid this theory was not to hurt anyone's feelings. Then Inauguration Day rolls in and wow Trump doesn't do squat, Biden is President. Did you or Vox Day apologize about your mistake? No, you just carried forth like nothing happened. Where's the apology Roosh? You gave false hope to a lot of men and made them look stupid for believing in you. You think we all forgot about your cocky tweets? From memory: "Liberals aren't sending me taunting messages as they were a week ago I wonder what that is?", "Kamala Harris hasn't given up her Senate seat I wonder that is?". That was real cute Roosh. You were so sure Trump was going to be President. What happened to that attitude Roosh? Is Trump still going to take over or not?

I believe you have great wisdom to offer but your authority has also been undermined by the fact you are a childless man. How can I accept someone as a leader when they can't even do the basic task of procreating? As much as you bask in your Christian self-righteousness you constantly fall to your old habits of making fun of women. Obviously a lot of women these days deserve to be made fun of but you post constant cringe memes and videos of Tiktok nurses or women acting stupid or slutty. Is that a healthy mentality for a Christian man trying to find a wife? Does God want you to denigrate the female gender? You constantly put down women and make fun of them its no wonder you can't find a good wife. You talk about the Globalists and depopulation yet you can't even do the most basic thing to fight back against them which is to have many children. I do not accept authority from a male empty egg carton.

I'm not saying I am not blameless. I was probably rude sometimes to my fellow posters (which was the real bannable offense) which I now apologize for. But I believe the warnings and bans you gave me were not about improving the quality of this message board but simply about your ego Roosh.

I felt I added value as one of your fans. I supported you monetarily, followed your journey from PUA to Christ and took great inspiration from it. I tried to contribute to this board and write posts with substance much of the time. If all this means nothing to you and you want to just get rid of me like some insignificant bug so be it.

Goodbye everyone.


Somewhere on this forum I once implied Congressman Matt Gaetz was a pedo for adopting a young Hispanic boy as his son as a single man. That boy turned out to be his girlfriend's brother, which actually isn't weird. Mr. Gaetz should have been more specific but there you go. I won't link where I got this information because it makes what is very likely false allegations against him.
Somewhere on this forum I once implied Congressman Matt Gaetz was a pedo for adopting a young Hispanic boy as his son as a single man. That boy turned out to be his girlfriend's brother, which actually isn't weird. Mr. Gaetz should have been more specific but there you go. I won't link where I got this information because it makes what is very likely false allegations against him.
Agreed. Any serious accusation must have the receipts. We don't want potentially innocent men/women have their lives ruined as a result.For example Michael Jackson:



At work. Talking to coworker about our flashlights. Some random 60 year old man pops into our conversation and says "you could have a purple flashlight like me." See girls flashlight. Look at hands. See fake purple nails. Look at badge. See same man with a wig on.

Had to walk away. Lord have mercy.

On the bright side me and some good ol' boy talked about how "don't ask don't tell" was a mistake and masks and covid are BS. This guy would have been fired by now if there was anyone else who could do his job nearly as good as him.