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So there has been some volcanic activity at Fagradalsfjall recently, this guy got some pretty cool droneshots of it.

Fagradalsfjall is only 40km from the capital Reykjavík, their have not been any eruptions in that area for 800 years. I am getting old testament vibes seeing how Reykjavík is the bastion of degeneracy in Iceland.
I loved visiting Iceland a landscape unlike any other. One thing I discovered is that if you stand on the ash at Bridge America (place where Eurasian and American tectonic plates meet) you can really ruin the soles of your shoes. Doesnt seem hot or anything but it gradually eats into them.





I'm sorry for whoever I hurt with my posts on this forum over the last couple of years, whether forum members or those just lurking. I don't agree now with most of what I've written on here. I've gone through a rough couple of years that I'm just now pulling myself out of, but that's no excuse for a lot of the things I wrote on here.

I've been trying to make a habit of remaining more positive and I think that's important for me moving forward, especially with all that's going on in the world. There's still a lot of good out there and I need to remind myself of that and appreciate it.

This post is not directed at anybody in particular or for any particular reason. I just felt that I needed to get it out there.


Do you guys think the LGBT community is the strongest in the USA?

I and other friends have told me that "open homosexuality" is much more prevalent in the US. Meanwhile, in other countries while there's still an LGBT lobby its kept in the dark. Notice how Bolsonaro and his acquaintances where much more openly anti-homosexuality meanwhile, in the USA Trump was using the LGBT, "YMCA song?


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