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I’m surprised that I read all that, but yeah, listen to your gut and get out ASAP.

I'm surprised I wrote all of it lol. I do apologize for the length, I was a bit frantic. We have kept busy, doing our best to save up enough money so that we can get out of here. We need about $2,000, and I think I can save that within the next month if I work hard.

We will buy a U-Haul for $500 and spend $1,300 for a month at an Airbnb in our new city. While living there, I can work on the house constantly until it's livable. I think I can do that in a month or less. I never leave my wife alone at night anymore, and we never leave our child unattended.

Thanks for your concern! I will start a new thread once I get full member privileges, and I will give updates for anyone who's interested. Thanks again!


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Good video and so true in many places. I used to think like the young version of him as well. Good women deserve respect, but many women are not really good. If she openly swears more than Eminem, has tons of one night stands, listens to gangsta rap, and uses meth and crack, she is probably not a good woman that will like a gentleman.

Cheers had a 'red pill' episode that your video made me think of. In the episode, Lilith has written a new book, Good Girls/Bad Boys, the book's premise being that women are initially attracted to what she deems bad boys. However as women get over that need, they will seek out stable good boys. However, you can see how the women react when they see a 'bad boy' with charm.



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^amusing that the ultimate incarnation of Vishnu in the Hindu canon* (*none of the other religious figures/religions mentioned subscribe to this particular belief) is kind enough to leave a personal sign off on his message but not conversant enough in English to write the words properly nor structure his sentences correctly.

Are we to see Kalki/Vishnu attending evening classes at a local college whilst he is busy saving us all by day?


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Apparently I can't start a new thread. Looking at the forum rules I should be able to, but I don't know.

Regardless. I bought my girlfriend a ring. I plan to tell her she is my fiance during the grande finale of the fireworks on July 4th. I am a bit nervous, but not overly so. I know she will be an outstanding mother and a loyal and loving wife. Will be looking forward to the support from members here in order to guide me through this new life-changing course.

May your first child be a masculine child


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Youtube has a new feature: shorts. It's now in beta but you see it in the app. Basically it is semi-pornographic material in 5-10 sec formats. Besides censoring they're now going on a frontal attack to destroy their users.

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[Continued from the thread, 'Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?]
The return of GIF game to RVF.
[Correction: the short-lived return of GIF game to RVF]


Thanks for the good times

I appreciate this recognition from Dusty, yet despite the love for such GIF game, it got me a warning, with a clear reminder that anything deemed to be secular is no longer welcome here.

My primary intention for this post was to have a laugh, which is needed in these trying times, following a detailed dive into the reasons why, even for a Christian Western man in 2021, there are very few short-cuts in mate selection, hence the need for careful wife-screening in the process of starting a family. Since we're here, you guys might as well enjoy what could be the last example of niche RVF satire for a while:

And don't even get me started on the delusional Philippines-shilling dudes on here: "I was 58 when I met my 23-year-old wife on - she told me she went to church every day and because she is Catholic she has 13 children so I know she is family oriented. She said "Paul you are super handsome" so I married her in 12 days online and then flew to Manila to buy her a new house with 9 bedrooms, including 3 for her ex-boyfriends that are still known to authorities. P.S. My name isn't Paul but I am not worried because she always calls out the name of guys from the bible by mistake'.


Given the incessant shilling for Filipinas here (props for the pushback from guys like iop890 and La Águila Negra), I intended for the original post to be a public service announcement, not an anti-Christian perspective. Even before the Christian turn of the forum in mid-2019, I wrote at length about the many dangers of notch-chasing, and encouraged others to move beyond pointless ego-stroking and fleeting pleasure, by making conscious sacrifices to achieve man's fundamental purpose of having a committed wife and loving family.

I stayed onboard throughout all the past changes, despite ongoing criticism from ex-RVF members in my extended network, asking why I kept supporting Roosh by attending his talks, posting here, and suggesting guys to move on and let him be. Ultimately, I stayed because of a number of reasons. First, I have met many great guys from RVF offline - some of whom have become close friends to this day. I have gained a lot of value throughout the evolution of the forum which, to some extent, was a delayed reflection of my own life changes. I also strongly believe Christianity is an essential force for good in the world and I have a lot of respect for people who are fully committed to the Christian faith.


The future outlook and rationale

As posting of mine seems at odds with the ever-increasing strictness of the rules, I do not intend to keep writing here. Even non-orthodox Christians have been advised to seek involvement in an online community elsewhere, so everyone else is on even thinner ice. My other reasons for writing no further relate to the direction and content of the forum, which mirror what others have said before me.

First - I see little in the way of a tangible road map for how, post-2020, the typical good-natured, average young Western man can maintain adherence to such rigid principles of orthodoxy along their journey to fulfil their God-given command to "be fruitful and multiply". Amidst the background of modern degenerate culture that is spreading everywhere with internet, not only does such a successful relationship require a hefty amount of self-growth, learning and taking responsibility (i.e., how to actively meet a quality woman, how to become husband-material etc), it also requires a practical understanding of the nature of women, including how to maintain attraction, comfort, respect, submission etc.

For countless generations, Orthodoxy has guided men to having meaningful lives, strong families and amazing communities, however times have changed for the worse, and it seems that such guidance needs updating with practical measures - especially following the loss of freedoms due to covid-1984 - if the guidance is intended to assist typical young men of faith in having a well-managed relationship with a loving wife and children. As true Christian women are in such short supply, some sacrifices may need to be made if family legacies are to continue. Christian leaders who choose monk mode deserve respect for their discipline and sacrifice, no doubt, it's just not for everyone.

Second and last - at times I feel disgusted and dismayed by the endless discussion of violence, death, degeneracy, and other doom and gloom. As noted in my response to a typical clickbait thread, RVF members often point to the despicable practice of governments, the media, big pharma, and other groups that use relentless provoking of fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and other negative emotions to manipulate and control the population into accepting authoritarian rules such as lock-down compliance. Yet, rather than lifting others up or at least focusing what they can control directly, many members here seem addicted to sharing bad news, speculating on nihilistic outcomes, and complaining endlessly. How Christian is this? I wonder. Without hurting feelings by naming names, it is obvious that several regular posters have no hesitation in spreading demoralisation and hopelessness to others: "The globalists control everything. I know because my IQ is over 3000. You can't change anything, peasant!" *sigh*


I welcomed Roosh' new rules about black pill and emotional posting, yet fresh threads about "news" AKA death and destruction continue to be created every day, and they're a drain on the positive energy and motivation needed to stay hopeful in this rotten world: Why Negative People Are Literally Killing You - and How to Protect Your Positivity.

I would encourage similar posters to consider what influence they're having, not just on those reading their posts, but on themselves in terms of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Thankfully, having faith and going to church does help: Frequency of Attendance at Religious Services Predicts Lower Mortality in U.S. Cohort.


I have immense respect for genuine Christians of strict faith, and while my style of posting is no longer suitable for RVF, I expect to maintain this account for occasional lurking and to have the ability to reach out or maintain contact through private communication with a few members. For anyone reading, feel free to stay in touch through the 'conversation' feature.

I wish Roosh and all readers the very best. God bless.



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Book mentioned is lilith's cave I think.

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I thought I could use an avatar after I wrote 15 posts but actually I need 25.

I am leaving the roosh v forum and I can't even make a thread about it.

I am very triggered.


I also wanted to make a Twitter account to post some shit but you need to use your phone number and I refuse that.

My life is a mistake.

I am very down tonight.