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I don't get why they are laughing about it. Even if they are pro-abortion because of various arguments like population control, poverty, eugenics, etc... what makes it a comical situation? These are some sick women.


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I believe their intent is to make light of the situation. To "normalize" to make it on the same seriousness level as taking an Asprin for a headache.

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Owen Cook wearing a cross? Going in the right direction? Not watching the content anymore (they're self help now), but I'm surprised to see this. Hopefully this is a good sign. I also saw him talking about God/demons, don't know what he said about it, but the fact that he's talking about these topics is a sign that something's going on.


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MSM : "heroic blonde woman fights off a big crocodile"

Reality : a male friend of her, heroically dived to punch the big crocodile in the belly until it let go of the woman.

The media are posting glamorous pics and interviews of the woman, all made up in her hospital bed, but nothing about the only hero here, the male teenager who punched the Croc. The chick was stupid to dangle her foot in the Croc infested water, she's no hero, but the male friend who dove under the boat to kick the croc's belly, is. And no interview for him.

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Worthwhile article about the "Whitmer Kidnapping Case" that appears to be falling apart in several courts due to multiple layers of malfeasance.

TL;DR - Feds, prosecutors, informants all being exposed for sundry bad personal and professional activities, framing the defendants, and conflicts of interest.

If you think the Feds' warning that "white supremacist/separatist" being their number one target is just public theater, well, you really need to read this one. The case appears to be a Fed-Poast Convention. Time will tell.

Highly recommend the time to read it. Very illuminating.


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How ancient DNA is ‘transforming our view of the past’

“Prof David Reich of Harvard Medical School is one of the leading lights in the field of ancient DNA. His team's work has cast a new perspective on human history, reconstructing the epic migrations and genetic exchanges that shaped the people of different regions worldwide. Here he explains how this revolution in our understanding unfolded.”

Uh oh…

“his father Walter is a professor of psychiatry who also served as the first director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.”

Even more uh oh…

“helping assemble new narratives for the peopling of our world.”

“He stressed the need for scientists to take charge of the narrative, lest they hand the initiative to those with less benign intentions.”

“highlighted by the journal Nature as one of 10 people who mattered in all of science.”

““In my family (…) Science was seen as the highest thing someone could do," he says”

Am I being overly critical or is this just another arm of operation ‘you will believe what we tell you to believe’?