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Other Christian
I'm not sure where they're going with this, but it can't be good! I notice that some longevity associated things (in mice etc.) are on the list, whatever that implies? (resveratrol, quercetin and also NMN prior to this) But also zinc and magnesium...

Zinc and magnesium are essential minerals, and the US population is largely deficient in them already. Especially magnesium due to poor soil quality and low vegetable intake. It would be an absolute travesty of justice if the FDA decides the ban these.

They hate anything that is effective unless it is an artificial drug. Just like they tried to ban NAC when they found out that it works against covid and vaccine side effects.


Orthodox Catechumen
Strange how every new generation has to figure out the world themselves. You'd think everyone would pick things up from people 1-2 years older in a continuous process, but somehow generations of about 10 years seem like they have to start from scratch, and materials used by the older generation are completely foreign and useless.
This is the exact purpose of atomizing younger generations, to force them into reinventing the wheel, and in the process of doing so become vulnerable to straying away and falling into false teachers like JBP and the Tates