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Forum Rules
(Last updated 5/8/19)

This is a forum for Christian men. We have strict rules that allow the forum to exist as a unified community. If you fail to read the following rules, there is a high chance that you will put your identity at risk or be banned without warning. Here are the rules...

1. Don't talk down to members. Don't call someone an idiot, moron, or hater. Don't use condescending language such as "WTF are you talking about?" Don't be a drama queen or be quick to get into arguments. Defer to senior members, who help make the forum what it is.

2. Your account and posts are permanent. Accounts and posts can never be deleted, even if you're banned. When you make a post, you have 60 minutes to edit the post, and then it's permanent. You also cannot maintain more than one account. You cannot register again if you have been previously banned.

3. Don't be a low-quality poster. Don't use textspeak. Don't flood the forum with junk posts. Don't use the forum to promote your web site or business. Don't post someone's personal information.

4. Do not use profane or vulgar language. Refrain from using profane words if a cleaner word would suffice. Do not describe sexual encounters or situations that are beyond the act of kissing.

5. No race or political baiting. It's okay to talk about race if that's the topic, but no geo-political discussions on why one race is superior or inferior to another or why an upcoming race war in X country will be bad. Do not repeatedly start political arguments. NOTE: Newbies under 50 posts are not allowed to participate in race or political discussions.

6. Do not discuss or glorify pre-marital sexual activity. You can discuss how to meet, attract, and date women with the intention of entering a relationship with them, but not how to have sex. You cannot discuss casual hook-ups. You cannot ask where to travel to in order to have sex.

7. Do not blaspheme God. You are not permitted to insult, ridicule, mock, or desecrate Christian beliefs or practices on the forum. While you can participate in polite intellectual discussions concerning Christianity, attacks against God that come from a place of atheism, hedonism, or secularism are not allowed. You are also not allowed to have heated debates with a fellow Christian for his views, dogmas, or doctrines. Do not emotionally argue with fellow Christians.

8. Do not publicly share your personal information or details on the forum. Do not share so much information about yourself that allows you to be easily identified. Use an email address that, if leaked, does not reveal your identity and select a username that you have never used on other sites. Do not share photos of yourself or people you know. If you want to meet other members, share your burner email to take the conversation off the forum.

9. No spamming or self-promotion. Do not register solely to promote your business or web site(s). You are allowed to post one commercial link in your signature after you gain 100 reaction points.

10. Do not post about the following: underage girls, illegal crimes, prostitution (p4p), sugar daddy arrangements, gore, scat, or NSFW images. Follow local laws when posting on the forum.

11. By signing up to the forum, you agree to receive updates about your account to your email address. We send occasional notifications and product updates to your registration email.


"I just signed up but I cannot start a new thread, upload an avatar, like posts, etc."

To combat spam and trolls, new members must go through a trial period where they can only reply to existing threads no more than once every 10 minutes. Once 14 days have passed and you accumulate 15 posts and you have received at least 5 likes to your posts, you will then become a member with full privileges. Here are other features you will not be able to do as a new member: report posts, react to posts, upload avatar, upload attachments, edit signature. You are a full member when you no longer see the "Newbie" banner under your name.

"I need help on how to use the software."

Take a look at the How-to and Troubleshooting forum, which has many threads that explain various functions. You are free to start a new thread there, in the Sandbox to test out the software, or any other Forum Meta subforums.

"Can I promote my web site or business?"

No. This forum is not a vehicle for advertising. After you accumulate 100 reaction points (likes), you may put a link to your commercial or non-commercial web site in your signature.

"I'm a woman. Can I be a member here?"

Unfortunately not. RVF was established as a men's forum. Regardless, it would be a bad idea for a woman to post on a forum with so many men since it may lead her into temptation. If you have a specific question, you can use the contact form.

"I'm locked out of my account."

Use this contact form. Your email address must match the address on file for the account you need help on.

For other questions, reply to this thread or posts in the Suggestions subforum.
Ok, thank you!


I have joined on my birthday. Probably one of the few female followers you have. I am 58 and enjoy your posts and videos, some of which makes me laugh my head off. I like your dry humour and agree with 99% of your posts and vids. I am a Roman Catholic so sister church to Orthodoxy. Just saying hello Roosh and hope things are going well for you.


Not sure if this is the correct avenue.

I am looking for the place where I can request guidance to an appropriate thread.

I am looking for a "Men's fashion/style" or a "Is this gay?" thread.
If there isn't one, you can make one yourself - it probably would fit in the "Living General" forum. Tanner Guzy is a Christian man who has done good work at helping men think about fashion.