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El Draque

How do i post photos from phone?

When i do i get an "oops file too large" message.

These are just photos taken by me out in the city, i dont understand why they'd be particularly large files


As far as I know, you can set the photo quality in 3 levels. Without compression a photo can be 20 MB or so and that's probably too much for the forum.
I posted a Tommy Sotomayor video. Then I wanted to delete it, but was unable to, because I'm not sure, if his language violates the forum guidelines.
EDIT: Managed to take the video down. Is it allowed to post videos with curse words?
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Orthodox Inquirer

I recently created this account and I know in my profile settings it says I can’t change my display name until 2023, but would I be able to change it now? If this is possible, please let me know so I can message you my preferred name. If not I can just set up a new account no problem.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Roosh,

Can you clarify this rule for me: "4. Many new members overlook an important rule: you cannot participate in politics or race discussions until you've hit 25 posts and have 10 reaction points. I can't stress how important it is to read the rules so that you don't get suspended or banned."

Does this mean simply not being part of politics sub-forum discussion or avoiding any kind of political subject in the first 25 posts?

I replied to the welcome private message with the same question, but I'm unsure if it reaches you, so I posted here as well.

Thank you in advance.