"Fratelli Tutti": 10/03/20 Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis

If you want to know what is going on, look at this 1978 video: Firing Line with Malachi Martin

I know that both Wm F Buckley Jr and Malachi Martin "have some baggage" so to speak, but the interview is critical in understanding the history of Catholicism over the last 50 years. After the silly sixties and the wrecking ball of Vatican II, the Papacy was at a cross-roads in 1978. The prior Papacies (e.g., John VI) were left-leaning, because they thought that was the inevitable future of the world. The election of John Paul II in 1978 was a miracle, something on the order of California and New York voting for Trump this coming November.

Pope John Paul II took the opposing view that Communism was not only bad, but anti-God, and successfully worked (with Reagan, Thatcher, et al) to take down the Communism in power in Europe at the time, just as he had mortally wounded Communism in Poland. I know Pope JPII was not perfect, but he was absolutely right and courageous in many areas. He, and his immediate successor, at least had the idea that they ought to oppose what was bad in modernity.

Bergollio came of age before 1978. He agreed with Pope John VI's idea that collectivism was the future. And like any ideologue, reality and actually trying things and seeing what happens, are of no consequence. In many ways, what JPII and BXVI did, worked. But it did not fit Bergollio's pre-1978 ideology. So it was all thrown out, and he rewound back to 1978, as though he needed to suck up to the USSR--that had gone out of existence nearly two decades before his tainted election.

Bergollio sneers at any country where Mass attendance in high. He left Argentina with an average Mass attendance of 16% among self-described Catholics. He seems to be determined to make the Catholic Church into just another NGO to espouse left-wing causes, funded by the faithful remnant whom he despises. Instead of driving out corrupt Bishops, he promoted them. Gay and financially corrupt bishops are his kind of people, because they despise Church teachings and want them changed. Thus they were promoted. While stellar clergy like Archbishop Chaput never made Cardinal.

As a convert Catholicism 10 years ago, I have not read the encyclical and have no interest in doing so. It is his opinion and his opinion means nothing to me. When he contradicts prior Popes, he only contradicts his own legitimacy. Popes are not kings, but stewards while the King is not on Earth. The Church has no chronological tyranny--do not mistake it for an incoming political entity that has the authority to contradict the prior politics. Popes can only extend the application of doctrine from the deposit of faith, not invent it or contradict it. The Church has had bad Bishops since Judas Iscariot -- the first Bishop to take a state subsidy to effect social/political change.

I so wish I did not live in these times. But here we are, so we ought to make the best of it. Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. If the Bergolio disaster does anything, maybe it is to discount the fairly recent (~150 year old) idea of infallibility, which (along with other things, but doable things) could open a path to reunite with the Orthodox, and with the remaining orthodox Anglicans. Would it not be grand if the globohomo Pope was the start of the reunification of the Apostolic Christian Churches.


What a disgusting piece of NWO vomit.

" because every country also belongs to foreigners and the goods of the territory cannot be denied to those who are in need and come from another place. Thus, the natural right to private property will be secondary to the principal of the universal destination of created goods "

This should disturb even the most devout Catholic.

Indeed - a tribal bushman from Africa can come and take whatever the Japanese have built over millennia. Everyone owns everything and all is peace.

It's the same communist propaganda blasted out in the past. Francis clearly showed his true face with this as a Jesuit and I guess that the allegations of Jesuits being NWO puppets are true.

Catholics have to find their own path and have to realize that the pope does no longer speak for them.





Bishop Athanasius Schneider has expressed grief over Pope Francis’ latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti, noting that it “lacks a clearly supernatural horizon,” misrepresents St. Francis, and furthers the theological confusion Pope Francis created with his Abu Dhabi statemen

Each Catholic and all the Shepherds of the Church, first and foremost the Pope, should burn with zeal and love for all those who, unfortunately, are only our brothers according to flesh and blood, that they might be born of God in the supernatural sonship in Christ, and truly become brothers in Christ. If Church leaders in our day are content with the brotherhood of flesh and blood, with “fratelli tutti” in flesh and blood, they are neglecting God’s commandment in the Gospel, i.e. the commandment to make the members of all nations and religions disciples of Christ, sons in the Only begotten Son of God, brothers in Christ, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and teaching them to observe all things whatsoever Christ has commanded (see Mt 25:19-20). Such zeal is, for a Christian soul, the deepest expression of love of neighbor: to love him as you love yourself. If your Divine sonship in Christ represents for you the greatest conceivable gift of God — which it truly is — then you lack the true love and charity for your neighbor if you do not burn with the desire to  communicate this gift to him, of course with delicacy and respect. 

LifeSite News


Except it's not remotely disturbing if you know your doctrine, and don't listen to the opposition posing as False Catholics only to promote Schism, such as America Magazine (Reform Judaism), Lifesite News, Dr Taylor Marshall / Timothy Gordon and The Vortex, all of whom are obviously funded by the opposition.

What was the last freakout? The piece of reporting about the Pope telling a mother than God loved her gay son as he is, and then presented by America Magazine as evidence that the Pope approving of his lifestyle, to match their LGBT agenda, which wasn't what he said to her. What he said to her was exactly what he should have said: He stated the Doctrine of the Dignity of The Human Person, which I've seen described as this:

In dealing with human beings, it is a necessary matter of respect to note their incommunicable personhood. Any accidental distinctive qualities in a person, such as pathological disorders or sexual orientation, do not detract from each human being’s dignity as a unique individual created in the image and likeness of God.

Rather than being a revolutionary idea, this doctrine dates back to the early church fathers. This is what you're taught when you work in any kind Third Order work with the poor or disadvantaged, such as my work with the Missionaries of Charity. It doesn't matter if they're Christian or not. It doesn't matter if they're currently a Sinner or not. You are to make no judgments, and to humble yourself before them, and love them for God's sake, not because they offer you personally-pleasing qualities which you could use to derive your own satisfaction from. You're to also love them with Disinterested Love, in that you offer them help, but understand that it is their right of Free Will to refuse it, rather than have you decide it's your job to 'save' them.

I've noticed from experience that anyone with a Legalistic Old Testament view of God is seemingly-incapable of this form of charity, because they operate on Fear, which is how the Devil controls them. The Evangelical strands love to 'write off' the Sinner, which is why the have generated such opposition from the Left, rather than show them Christ's example. This is why the Pope is the Pope, and they're disobedient to the church structure in the belief that they know better than him.

Incidentally, this is what this Encyclical is about. It is restating the Dignity of the Human Person, and, in paragraph after paragraph, Francis calls on Catholics to be more, and to reject the false tactics of division between each of us, used by groups with their own interest. For example, Here's my summing up of the first 30 or so sections:

1-4 Doctrine of the Faith based upon the teachings of a Universal Doctor of the Church.

5. Doctrine of the Dignity of Personhood - human persons created in the image and likeness of God - regardless of Accidentals - i.e., persons are not their 'sins'

6. Statement of Intent

7. Good observation about the Political Worldwide Leadership's inability to navigate Covid, for all their talk of universal brotherhood

8. Reinforcement on the Doctrine of Personhood

10. Mankind seems to have been heading the Universal Call, but...

11. Attacks Worldwide Spontaneous Nationalism (tm), i.e., Chabbad infiltration of Government

12. Attacks Globalism and the Elite

13-14. Attacks Cultural Marxism

15. Attacks Manipulative Emotional Propaganda on both the Extremist Left and Right strands of the Political Spectrum

16. Notes how this is only polarising society

17. Attack on the environmental effects of Jewish Captilism leading the unholy Israel / US / Saudi alliance into their wars for oil and soil

18. Attack on abortion and euthanasia, and the wastage of food

19. Attack on the Marxist destruction of the family, through 'throwing away' the elderly

20. Attack on dehumanisation of others via importing cheap labour for profit, or via racism which is used to manipulate the populace for (((powerful group interests)))

21. A healthy enconomy is no indictation of the spiritual and social health of a country

22. People aren't objects to be used to generate profit

23. The Universal Personhood of Women to exist beyond an objectified state should be respected

24. Attack on Human trafficking

25. (((Economic Interests))) fuel perception of the 'justice' of war

26. ... by dehumanizing the other, we only breed mistrust that fuels war

27-28. suspicion of a dehumanized other builds walls that enslave you to (((false perceptions))) and make you (((exploitable)))

29-31. attacks moral decay, self-interested atomized individuals, and the lack of true community

It goes on and on. Understanding the framework of the argument, what he's talking about makes perfect sense based upon what Catholics are traditionally called to be. His points about the right to immigrate to escape war and the hope of a better life is the type of charity I'd hope to see myself, but he also correctly calls out that they should have the right to remain in their own countries when other countries aren't exploiting them under the cause of false 'just' wars, i.e., America / Israel / UAE.

If these ideas grate with you, it's because you don't know your doctrine, and want a form of Cafeteria Catholicism where you get to pick and choose ideas that ask little of you and don't make you uncomfortable. You don't want to risk personal suffering to help improve the life of the stranger, and want to listen to (((political powers))) who use division between groups to solidify their own power and interests. This is part of the reality of the journey of the soul towards Christ: he will expect you to give all desires of your ego up entirely, and this process is what purifies you, and allows the infused virtues to grow. You can't cling to your wealth for you will 'go away sad' for having a great number of possessions.

If most of what he says strikes you as NWO rambling in isolation, then you need to spend less time listening to schismatic garage, and putting more time into theological study.

I ran into a Ultra-Legalistic Catholic two weeks back, whom I hadn't seen since January 2019. He immediately start waffling on about taking communion in the hand, how Pope Francis was NWO, how the new bishop was 'obviously evil', and I simply can't imagine existing in this fearful, paranoid state and believing that you somehow know God, who generates peace in the soul. When I pointed out the truth that communion on the tongue only began in the 13th century and up until then it was presented in the hand, he couldn't hear me. He hasn't changed a bit in almost two years, yet I've ascended the first five grades of prayer, and have regular Contemplative (mystic) prayer, exactly as Church Doctrine has laid out, in the same amount of time. I've also undergone the Dark Night of the Senses - the passive purification of the Lower faculties - and have been undergoing the Psychological Purification of multiple childhood traumas which is repairing any compulsion towards sin, and have made aware that the Spiritual Espousals aren't far away. I've had the 'arrows of love' as St Theresa of Avila describes, and the occasional Ecstasy.

I'm not saying this big note myself or to appear holy, because this all comes from God, not me, but to explain that all of this happened because I dealt with Fear and Suspicion about the Church very early in the Purgative Way - which is when it seems to arrive - by placing my complete trust in God and accepting that it didn't matter and was beyond my power to change it, and to trust in Humility, Obedience and working on Detaching from the World and my Sins, exactly as Doctrine teaches us, are of vital importance in the early stage of the journey. Other people's sins are NOT your concern, focus on correcting your own. You also need to start a regular programme of working out your Intuitive Intellect, which is how God will start communicating with your soul, but won't happen if you don't give Him the time of your own Free Will regularly enough that he'll start purifying you himself, rather than it remaining your own efforts. Every moment you read Fear Porn online about the Church, the Devil has successfully distracted you from your True Mission, and if you show disrespect to ordained authority - for all social power comes from God - then the demons are allowed legal entry.

So, for this man to try and drag me back to that place, despite the advances I've been graced with, was a great test of patience, particularly when he doesn't seem to know any genuine theology, whereas I could reinforce what I was saying with multiple sources.

"I haven't heard that."

"It's a teaching of a *universal* doctor of the Church, meaning everyone is encouraged to follow what they taught."

"Well, I haven't heard it." <- continues rambling how we have to 'save' the church.

I ended up saying "I think it's great you have such a great respect for the Eucharist. We have Eucharistic Adoration every morning from 6-7 am at [my church]. 6-8 on Sunday Morning, though it's usually just me and [the two priests]. You should come along."

He made excuses, and hasn't shown up yet, and I don't expect him to. What all his complaints about the Pope, or the Bishop, or the 'satanists' in the Church is really about is self-justification: an attempt to make himself seem holier than he is to others. Whereas, I understand that, although I've been incredibly-graced, God has only done so because of my utter inability to be good under my own power. I told the man I was the worst person in the Diocese, and it's not false modesty. I genuinely-understand that, and guarantee that I know I need God more than anyone in this town.

If the fear and suspicion of the church ever returns to me, it has reliably turned out to be a demon putting such thoughts into my head, and the peace and trust instantly return upon deliverance, which should tell you everything about the motives of people who push Schismatic Garbage on others.

Look, I'm old. Every pope in my lifetime has apparently been 'the final pope' or 'the antichrist' or a 'modernist who will destroy the church'. It's exhausting. A new Saint is being beatified in two weeks: Blessed Carlos Acutis. He died of cancer at 15 in 2006, and offered up all his suffering as he died a long and agonising death for the Church and for the Pope.

They exhumed his body this year after miracles were attributed to his intercession, and his Cause was advanced.

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That's 14 years after death. If Pope John Paul II was Satanic, Carlos' devotion to Him didn't seem to worry God any. He'll be the Patron Saint of Gamers, btw.

My advice is what I've said above, but I'd also suggest to do your own research rather than being 'told' by bloggers and the media what a statement is, and, if something worries you, research what the Church teaches on the subject, and you'll find that what is being sold as modernism is generally tradition.

I don't know how many times I have to write this, and am accepting that maybe people are incapable of hearing the truth: Legalistic Fear is the successful distraction from God, not a sign of being close to Him in Trust. When you give into this, the Devil is winning, and you will never truly know God unless you conquer this disobedience.

I've accepted those on the Right have a tendency towards emotional reactivity. You're Catholics: act like it. Keep calm, trust and study what you don't understand.
Well said. The usual wolves of the Catholic Church sprung into action after it was released to delegitimize the Church, as you can see it in this thread.


I'm sure theres a way some people here will spin this one and rationalize what Pope Francis "really" means...

Again, nothing wrong with criticizing the Pope and realizing that we are in our Passion. We have to suffer Pope Francis. Recognizing heresy and when a Pope moves away from Traditional teaching doesnt make one schismatic.

Pope calls for civil unions for same-sex couples, in major departure from Vatican doctrine
From the article:

Directed by Oscar-nominated Evgeny Afineevsky, a Russia-born Jew, “Francesco” depicts Francis as the great connector, placing him at the heart of a narrative that casts a wide net over some of the world's most pressing problems

Francis spoke in a section of the movie about Andrea Rubera, a gay man who adopted three children with his partner.

Rubera said that he explained to the pope in a letter that they wanted to bring the children up as Catholics in the local parish but did not know how they would be received. It is not clear where they live.

The pontiff telephoned him several days later, telling him he was moved by the letter and urging the couple to introduce their children to the parish but to be ready for opposition, Rubera said, adding that they took the advice and were happy that they did.

It also features Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean survivor of clergy sexual abuse. Cruz said that during their first meetings in 2018, Francis assured him that God made him gay.

This is getting bad
Francis spoke in a section of the movie about Andrea Rubera, a gay man who adopted three children with his partner.

Rubera said that he explained to the pope in a letter that they wanted to bring the children up as Catholics in the local parish but did not know how they would be received. It is not clear where they live.

The pontiff telephoned him several days later, telling him he was moved by the letter and urging the couple to introduce their children to the parish but to be ready for opposition, Rubera said, adding that they took the advice and were happy that they did.

It also features Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean survivor of clergy sexual abuse. Cruz said that during their first meetings in 2018, Francis assured him that God made him gay.

Extremely basic theology tells me that God doesnt will evil, in this case, He cannot will someone to be SODOMITE.

It's sad to see Pope Francis further and further pushing his Globohomo, Masonic ("fraternity") ideas. Because of this, so many people interested in Tradition turn to Orthodoxy instead...

Again, I cant wait to see how people will defend this...Enough is enough
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I understand that there will always be tension between the doctrines of Christ and the practical realities of running a nation, so I don't claim to have all the answers. But I do know that we must concede to practicality sometimes. Not everyone can be a celibate monk, if that became the case then the world would simply populate with Muslims and atheists. Similarly, every stable nation cannot just open the doors to the entire world as it would just make the entire world into a failed states. On the other hand, the church must remain open to all people. When we lose the distinction between the role of the church and state we end up with a failed church and a failed state.
These issues have weighed more heavily on my mind since corona and the almost total capitulation of churches to the government. If anyone can enlighten me to the scriptural basis for this capitulation I am open to hear it, but right now I am of the opinion that Satan is using government and media to try and destroy the faithful (among many other things that are in danger from "muh virus" hysteria).