Fraternal Organizations


I have been re-rereading The Sovereign Individual. The first 50 pages make for a useful lens through which to look at current events. I would summary those first 50 pages as:

1. We are at the beginning of a new age - the information age
2. For reasons related to new technology (which I won't get into in this post), sovereign nation states are in rapid decline
3. In their place will arise multiple smaller new 'sovereigns'. The way the book describes them these could be gangs, organizations like the Knights of Malta, or online communities requiring membership. I like to think of them as fraternal organizations that will know how to wield technology.

In some ways, this forum has acted as a fraternal organization for me in my short time here and I am sure much more so for many others here. It is the first place I go to seek wisdom from better men.

Now as I re-read the Sovereign Individual, I find myself yearning to find this in the real world. In fact, I think it would be a practical step I could take to thrive as events continue to unfold from point 2 to 3 (probably over the next several decades).

Is anyone else pursuing this or has already pursued this? Has anyone found a fraternal organization they recommend or have recommendations on how to seek them out?



My belief is that like-minded men who share similar values, beliefs, and principles need to come together and create what are essentially non-political, social groups, not organisations as such. Formality in organisation leads to vulnerability. Self-sufficient networks that assist with employment, general friendship, and at some point pool resources to become financially independent (as with the concept of crowd-funding, it only takes a small amount per person to make a big difference - there are various ways to do this). I believe this needs to be in person, locally, and with as few complications with technology as possible.

Being as individualistic as we mostly are, most men will still want to go it alone even if they like the idea, but perhaps that mindset will change in coming times. I think you need to find one other man who broadly wants to escape the 'system' and will help you take steps to act collectively with others. I don't think there is any particular way to do this apart from advocating for the ideas until you find someone who agrees with you.