From the Men's forum: Saint Paisios


Honestly, I just don't have that much sympathy for the struggles of gay people. Back in high school, I was in one of those social groups were all the women were queer or bisexual. So my lack of sympathy doesn't come from a lack of exposure to gays.

Rather, it's just that celibacy is not difficult. It's really easy, especially if you're a woman. I'm sorry, but not having sex is not that difficult. Life is not worse. You can be quite fulfilled without sex.

Maybe they may feel deprived of romantic relationships, but if they truly are under the impression that their gay relationship wouldn't be disordered or dysfunctional, they can have a chaste friendship.

The only way that gays being celibate seems cruel and unusual is in our culture that is downstream from Protestantism, which actively fights back against celibacy and has no real place for it amongst straight people. When we have priests, monastics or bishops who are celibate, we properly see that it's something holy and good.