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I agree that seekers will respond to memes. I've mentioned it above. For that purpose alone, they are worth it, although I think they are awesome, and it's worth it for people like us that already agree with the message to enjoy them.

However, for your typical leftist, like your cousin Sally the English major that attends Wellesley College, who has pronouns ze/zir; they have no impact on her. Not even your dankest meme of women making sandwiches for International Women's Day meme will phase her.

Edit: Stonetoss is definitely great! Basically, you're pointing out the guy who says Heh. I'm pointing out the ones that make him sweat.

This is true. A big part of the brainwashing process in the educational/entertainment system is to render the subject incapable of even entertaining, much less processing information that is contrary to the imposed worldview. A product of this system generally would stop reading once they recognized information that challenged their perception of the world, or would otherwise become irate to the point that any message would never sink in. It’s like if you were playing a chess game and every time you took an opponent’s piece they just quit playing or flipped over the board and scattered the pieces. We need to stop thinking of our opponents as rational people that can be persuaded with an argument. It’s foolish to play a game with someone like that. They are animals that understand only the pleasure of reward and the fear of punishment.


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(I used to own a house built pre-1920 with plaster-lath walls. They were as hard as a concrete sidewalk)
Me and four other guys demoed an old second story bathroom with about 3 inches of plaster and tiles on the floors and walls, plus they had a big square cast iron tub. Minus the tub we took out about 6000 pounds of debris. Quite sore from that but the trip to the dump was pretty fun. Great, sturdy construction, but the walls weren't straight which complicated things afterwards. These old houses really were built like tanks.


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Partially yes, though I wouldn't say i'm particularly strong...however in the extremely rare event that I experience anger, it's always short and intense, which almost always results in things getting broken. It's alarming, because if I tried to do that normally I'd probably break my hand.