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Sad but true. If you want to make a democrat angry, ask them why they are invading foreign nations when Obama and Biden are doing it but they howled loudly when Bush did it (this is not true for all democrats of course, I am guessing only 99% are like this).
Western "democracy" is like a train, it doesnt matter who the machinist is, it stays on the same tracks regardless.


A funny review of a Michelin-starred restaurant


Rand holding up one of the courses – a paper-thin fish cracker – in its entirety


You chauvinists are gonna love this one. Don't know how to embed a gif from 9gag though:

Guy on 'who wants to be a millionaire' uses a lifeline to ask the audience. Two women are certain the answer is A and one man is certain the answer is B. It's almost 4 minutes long, but well worth it to find out what the contestant chooses to do.

Spoiler below in white:

edit: Spoiler added for those who don't want to sit through 4 minutes: He chooses B, even though one of the women stated she had read the book 3 times. His reasoning: "In decisive moments, I don't trust women." And the correct answer is B.
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