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Funny Youtube video:

(Alright, move it, move it! We gotta get these boxes out by the end of the day. What're you doin!? I'm not payin you to stand around BLEEDIN!)
The Wagies are getting ragie
When they workin overtime
The customers make you angry
But you have to seem just fine
Just look at the cage around you
Right here on the warehouse floor
Such horrible things surround you
Long hours but you're still poor

Stuck in your cage
Stuck in your cage
Boss needs a yacht when weather get hot so he cut your wage
Up in the store you work all day, out in the sun you slave away
Work 80 hours
No time for showers
Stuck in your cage
Hahaha! (sobbing)

In the basement, the NEETs are happy
They all get the food they need
The wagies at work ain't happy
They sad cuz they all force feed
But wagie at work is lucky
He sits proudly in his seat
One day when the boss gets angry
He gon end up on the street (oh no!)

Stuck in your cage
Stuck in your cage
Blood pressure rising
No exercising
Feeling the rage
Needing that coffee when you get up
You spend over $5 a cup
It makes you wired
Plus feeling tired
Stuck in your cage (stuck in your cage)
Stuck in your cage (stuck in your cage)
2-hours drive here (ooh)
Before you arrive here (ooh)
To start your day (to start your day-day-day)
Even the surgeon need more pay
He drive through traffic every day
To work you are writhing
While you are driving
On the freeway

Gus drive the bus
Blake work the rake
Bo plow the snow
But can't 'ford the steak
Moe knead the dough
Dan drive the van
And Jack hurt his back at work (AAGH!)
Ty serve the fry
Bob work his job
May work all day
But then she get robbed
The engineer fix
He get up at six
Hear that alarm clock RING!
Ah hahaha!

(I don't pay you to sit on your ass all day! Get up and move those goddamn boxes! I don't CARE if your leg is broken!! Do you have any idea how easily we could replace you!?)

Yeah, stuck in your cage (stuck in your cage)
Stuck in your cage (stuck in your cage)
Spill in the aisle
Worse than the Nile
Your name got paged (your got page-page-page)
No Trade Unions, not a fan
Say the Walmart pep talk man
Coworkers gossip
You don't get no tip
Stuck in your cage

Pick up the slack
While you break your back here
Stuck in your cage

A customer sued
Your boss blaming you
Your head, it be bashing
Stock market crashing
You'll never retire till you expire
Stuck in your cage

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