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The effort to recall CA governor Gavin Newsom looks like its really picking up momentum and seemingly likely to happen. The verified signatures needed to get on the ballot is 1.5million and its now over 1.35million

This has national implications for a number of reasons. Many believe Newsom (who is Nancy Pelosi's nephew in case you didnt know) was being groomed for a POTUS run possibly as soon as 2024.

If he is indeed recalled amid the numerous scandals that are getting harder and harder to conceal now that some big money players are out for his head it will seriously impact his viability as a candidate

Column: Recall gets more serious, more complex and more threatening to Newsom​

Should be interesting
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Biden opposes effort to recall Newsom, White House says​

The White House on Monday announced that President Biden “clearly opposes” the ongoing recall effort against Gov. Gavin Newsom, adding to a growing chorus of Democrats voicing support for California’s governor in recent days.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki issued the statement in a tweet Tuesday afternoon shortly after she fielded a question about Biden’s position on the recall effort during a White House briefing and responded that she had not discussed the matter with the president.

“In addition to sharing a commitment to a range of issues with @GavinNewsom from addressing the climate crisis to getting the pandemic under control, @POTUS clearly opposes any effort to recall @GavinNewsom,” Psaki said in the tweet.

Newsom endorsed Biden for president in May, months after his initial choice, Vice President Kamala Harris, who at the time was a Democratic California senator, dropped out of the race. Harris subsequently became Biden’s running mate.

Biden’s public support of his fellow Democrat comes after two public opinion polls found that Newsom’s job approval rating among California voters has declined sharply, driven largely by discontent over the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That drop has only added fuel to an ongoing recall campaign against the governor, which is still in the signature gathering phase and has yet to qualify for the ballot.

Newsom brushed aside a question on Tuesday about whether the recall effort might be a major distraction for him.

“I’m not focusing on that at all. I’m focusing on increasing the administration of vaccines, getting these vaccines out of the freezers and refrigerators, and into people’s arms,” Newsom said at a press conference announcing the opening of a mass vaccination site at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, home to the San Francisco 49ers. “That’s my mandate. That’s my focus to get our schools safely back into in-person instruction, focusing on our youngest cohorts, and to start to reopen this economy safely.”

But the recall effort has clearly been on the minds of his Democratic allies.

During recent press conferences at vaccination sites in San Diego and Oakland, Democratic politicians lavished Newsom with praise over his administration’s response to the pandemic.

“I cannot tell you how lucky we are in California to have Gavin Newsom as our governor,” Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said last week. “He is out hustling for Californians every day.”

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria was just as effusive on Monday.

“Governor, we’re always thrilled to have you in America’s finest city,” he said. I want to thank you for your tremendous leadership throughout this pandemic.”

State Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), who has criticized the state’s coronavirus response in the past, on Tuesday also took to Twitter to call the recall effort a “distracting and destructive fool’s errand.” He said he decided to put out the statement after being asked about where he stood on the issue.

Anne Hyde Dunsmore, a spokeswoman for pro-recall group Rescue California said the fact that Biden weighed in shows that Newsom and the Democrats are worried that the governor is vulnerable to being ousted from office.

“It means that he is in trouble. Otherwise they wouldn’t have taken it to the top floor,” Dunsmore said. “That lends credibility to us.”

The latest effort to recall Newsom, one of three launched since he took office in 2019, began in June. The recall effort was spearheaded by supporters of former President Trump with assistance from far-right wing fringe groups. Mainstream California Republicans formed their own parallel campaign led by some of the same strategists who helped oust former Gov. Gray Davis in 2003.

A Times investigation last month chronicled the role of anti- vaccination activists, QAnon supporters and far-right groups in the recall campaign.

Sounds like the Left & Biden Administration are paranoid by the rise of populism's resistance.


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I too believe that signatures are being tossed out. Four million people voted for the other guy in 2018. If you had simply asked those people to fill out a recall petition, we would have been well over the line in August of last year.

I had no problem getting all the signatures filled out in my petition when I solicited in church. And the best part is most of them were Hispanic.


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I remember in 2003 when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor during the recall election of Gray Davis. The media made a moderately serious effort to torpedo Arnold's campaign with stories about his partying days as a bodybuilder and actor, but to no avail. However, if Newsome is recalled the media will probably work a lot harder trying to keep him in office. There will probably be a full court press against his opponents by the news networks and the California newspapers.


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Now that the grass roots effort has done all the heavy lifting the GOP is on the bandwagon.

Looks like number of signatures needed will be achieved this weekend with more than a month to pad the number and make sure


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This will be a great symbolic victory if they manage to force the special election.

Do I think they will actually count the votes in said election, rather than decide on a somewhat realistic margin of victory for Newsome beforehand and use that as the official vote count? Absolutely not.

The wild card would be if they have an opponent (GOP or otherwise) that is even more wildly corrupt and compromised that they want to go with.


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Lots of anti Neswom campaign coming out the bay area , his old stopping grounds. That would sting a less sociopathic normal person.

Interestingly though it makes sense is the biggest single source of recall funding is coming out of Irvine CA. Orange County is really pretty red and Irvine has a large high net worth Asian community.

So it seems Newsom's biggest problem comes from having ticked off CA tiger moms that want their kids in school ;)