Gavin Newsom recall thread


After Trump lost I simply have no other choice but to believe Rep ballots simply get thrown into the garbage. And Dem ballots magically appear out of thin air.
Yep. Rep ballots, just like Rep lawsuits, get thrown into the garbage. That's why anytime someone talks about fighting big things like this through the courts, they've already lost me. A lot of people I know still think Trump is gonna win and change everything in 2024 and that we can still hold the media, big tech and politicians accountable through the court system.. I really wish that they would wake up and see everything that has happened for what it really is.


I had a rather funny idea: Conspiracy theory trivia.

1. How many buildings in NYC fell on September 11th, 2001?
2. Who was Lon Horiuchi's pro-bono lawyer? Hint: he plays the bagpipes
3. Two Part Question!!! How far did into the atmosphere did Jeff Bezos' rocket go? How far away is the moon?
2. William Barr
3. 62 Miles / 238,855 Miles

You got me...
Help me pullthe answers together.
I don't understand why everyone is being so pathetic about this. If voting is a right your ancestors fought for, even if it no longer matters shouldn't you do it anyway? It's not particularly hard, its as easy as filling out a form, and there's nothing you lose doing so.

If it means a few dozen more democrats are spotted carrying ballots in suitcases, or a few more bags of ballots are found in dumpsters, maybe that will make the difference, open more peoples eyes, you know? The more people who realise the media are rotten the better.
Voting wasn't a right your ancestors fought for, really. Your current "vote" is pablum that the oligarchs offer to you in order to gain social license and increase buy-in to the system.
I think this is pretty much it for CA for at least the rest of this decade. With these results I don’t see any reason why CA won’t get significantly worse in the coming years, as clearly there is no incentive for the Democratic majority in CA to fix anything. Fraud theories aside, a closer result would have been a signal that even liberals are fed up, but frankly what we see here is a mandate for Newsom to continue his champagne socialism.

Homelessness will likely get much worse. I would expect 1980s crack epidemic levels of crime and decay to return, and it will likely take unspeakable violence and destruction before the brainwashed masses in CA can see forward. Wouldn’t be surprised if CA becomes the lockdown/mask/vaccine enforcement capital of the US. If you are a conservative, and you don’t love in a the posh, secure enclaves, it’s likely time to leave.


After what happened in the presidential election last November, I don't understand how any anti Newsom and/or Republican voter could have believed this California recall election (or any election in the USA for that matter) would have been honest and fair...

I'm sure there was lot of cheating and fraud in California, but I'm also guessing many people stayed home after remembering what happened last November when a candidate that could even get a parking lot filled with people, got millions more votes than a guy who packed full entire football stadiums.

Fool me once...



My guess is that this election was partially rigged. Trafalgar Group is the gold standard (Baris is good too, not sure if he polled this) and the last poll had "no" winning 53-45. That 53% is likely closer to the real figures than the reported 65ish%.

TooFineAPoint succinctly stated the Lew Rockwell / right libertarian view of voting. I've never bought in fully to that view, but it's certainly hard to get enthused in rigged states. I remember growing up and thinking how pathetic the Soviet sham election system was... and here we are.


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I doubt the election workers threw 3 million Republican votes in the trash. They probably intercepted and threw away a few hundred thousand, but that's it. Likely that Republicans and independents didn't turn out because they weren't excited about any of the candidates, including Larry Elder.
I doubt the election workers threw 3 million Republican votes in the trash. They probably intercepted and threw away a few hundred thousand, but that's it. Likely that Republicans and independents didn't turn out because they weren't excited about any of the candidates, including Larry Elder.
I agree, the margins are likely too big to blame fraud. But the energy for this recall was building long before any actual candidates emerged. The whole point for conservatives was to give Newsom a big middle finger. Larry Elder was a very moderate candidate if people actually listened to him. The real issue, is he said uncomfortable truths about single motherhood, crime, and race relations, and liberals in CA aren't ready to hear those tings. They run around and label him an "extremist" or "right-wing" to drown out these truths.


I doubt the election workers threw 3 million Republican votes in the trash. They probably intercepted and threw away a few hundred thousand, but that's it. Likely that Republicans and independents didn't turn out because they weren't excited about any of the candidates, including Larry Elder.
So the recall petition raised over 1.5 million signatures (a very difficult thing to do) and then only a little more than two times that number vote to recall? I doubt it.

It's anecdotal, but I know only a couple people who signed the recall petition (you had to drive across counties) and tens of people that were voting YES in the election. The Nextdoor threads (in an affluent blue suburb) discussing the recall election also had many (felt like 30% of the comments) voicing that they were democrat and planning to vote YES.

Also somehow Newsom's current % of the recall vote is higher than his % of when he was first elected? I doubt it.


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Human error caused TV networks to briefly air wrong CA recall vote tally​

CLAIM: During live CNN election coverage of the California recall election on Sept. 14, more than 350,000 votes to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom suddenly disappeared.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Missing context. Edison Research, the polling firm that provides election data to CNN, said a data reporting error by one of its staffers caused false vote totals to briefly appear on a live CNN broadcast. The error was fixed within two minutes.

THE FACTS: Within hours of Newsom handily fending off a recall attempt from Republicans in California on Tuesday, social media users began sharing a clip of someone watching CNN election night coverage, claiming it showed real-time election manipulation.

The video, which spread widely on Gab, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, showed a ticker on the bottom of CNN’s screen with the question, “Should Gov. Newsom be recalled?” At first, the ticker displayed about 4.5 million “no” votes and 2.2 million “yes” votes. Moments later, the ticker’s tally of “yes” votes dropped to about 1.9 million.

“Where did they go?” says a man in the background of the video. “Four hundred thousand votes just disappeared?”

Republican commentators on Facebook and Twitter questioned why 351,000 votes were “DELETED,” called the clip proof of “fraud” and claimed it showed Newsom only kept his position because of machine “glitches.”

In reality, the vote changes had a simple explanation: a brief reporting error by an Edison Research staffer at a county office in Santa Clara, California. The changing numbers in the viral clip are a result of the error being fixed, according to Rob Farbman, executive vice president of Edison Research.

“While the ‘No’ vote was entered correctly at 11:19ET, the ‘Yes’ vote that appeared for 2 minutes on CNN was actually the ‘total’ vote of the combined ballots for Yes/No/ Santa Clara,” Farbman said in an email. “This error was entered at 11:19pm ET and corrected 2 minutes later at 11:21pm ET when we deleted the “total vote” in for ‘Yes’ and entered the correct ‘Yes’ vote.”

The error was not limited to CNN and affected several other networks that subscribe to Edison Research polling.

California voters rejected the effort to remove Newsom from office, The Associated Press reported on election night. Incomplete returns on Wednesday showed Newsom headed toward a landslide win with about 65% of the vote.

Similar misleading claims circulated after the 2020 presidential election and the Georgia Senate runoff election, when another quickly resolved error by Edison Research caused votes for candidate David Perdue to disappear from screens.

“We enter thousands of points of data and a mistake like this can be made,” Farbman said.

CNN declined a request for comment.
This report has been updated to replace a quote from Edison Research Executive Vice President Rob Farbman. Farbman’s initial comments transposed references to the “Yes” and “No” votes, and he later notified AP about the error.




What now...? Move states? Fight the good fight? Is this the hill to stay on?
Many were waiting for the results of this recall before deciding to move states. Here come the mandates.
Public acceptance of his win is an ominous sign for future of "democracy"
While moving to greener pastures may be fruitful, perhaps the raging California wildfires will soon sweep the nation.