General Flynn Was Framed by Deep State


Tim Pool had a very good breakdown about this and what happened to Flynn is very frightening.

They weren't just looking to create fictional dirt on him, they actually wanted to get him fired.



DOJ has dropped the case:



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Tucker Carlson's really been on fire lately. This time, he talked about the Michael Flynn case on his show last night.

Tucker:"They know Michael Flynn is not a dangerous criminal. If he was a dangerous criminal they'd be working to free him from jail. No, they wanted Flynn crushed purely because he happened to be in the way of the power they seek."

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I don't know if it was a slip or if swamp dwellers like Comey really just don't get it. They've been in their little world of privilege for so long, they actually don't get it that Americans broadly (left, right, black, white, whatever) see them as scum. I suspect he actually didn't see anything wrong with tweeting out "Hey, careerist shitbags, keep up the great sedition work!" since everyone who surrounds him would respond positively to that.


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Thomas More

This is true about the R congressmen in general. The transcripts released yesterday showed that 53 witnesses testified that they had no knowledge of any collision, and were forced to state the fact under oath, many under questioning by Goudy himself. Although some claimed they suspected it happened, none had any proof. Yet these same witnesses went on CNN and the like, claiming there was proof of Russian collusion, a direct lie. What we learned for certain yesterday, he has known with proof for years, yet he and his colleagues did nothing.

The Republican cowards had heard the sworn testimony, and then heard the slanderous lies on TV, with malice aforethought, and let the matter lie.

Goudy and the rest are all talk, no substance. Goudy was such a coward, he resigned from Congress mid-term, to get out from under any responsibility. Then he started making big bucks as a Fox News paid consultant. He is a total sham. A gutless grifter.

When will the Republican members of the House and Senate fight for their side the way the Dems do?

We need to primary these cowards and put in people who will fight.
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When will the Republican members of the House and Senate fight for their side the way the Dems do?
We need to primary these cowards and put in people who will fight.

It seems like no matter the country its so called 'right' or 'conservative' group has no balls because they've either been chopped off my someone or they did it themselves.

As Roosh and many others have stated... the 'right' has never actually won anything. It always plays defense and shows concessions as so called victories.

I mean General Flynn’s innocence has been paraded around as some kind of victory? What victory? The man lost 3 years of his life, all of his savings, his house, his reputation due to a sham and downright evil witch-hunt that would make the KGB blush for what?

What's stopping the Democrats for going at it again? Who is stopping them?

Serious consequences MUST follow for such traitorous behavior not worthy of any man but for conniving snakes because otherwise we're just postponing the inevitable moment when the powder keg will explode. People are fed up and there's a nervous energy about you could probably use to charge up your phone which these Coronavirus shenanigans really are not helping.


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mean General Flynn’s innocence has been paraded around as some kind of victory? What victory?
Yes, I’m actually disappointed that it had to come to Barr/DOJ dropping the case. If the system actually worked, the judge would have already smacked them down.

We should all be terrified, as if it wasn’t before, it’s 100% clear that the government will totally destroy people like Flynn simply because they hold “incorrect” beliefs. (He especially needed to be made an example of because he was powerful, and an immediate threat.)


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Obama is shook. Listen to the tape. He’s stammering and speaking haltingly ( nothing new some will say). It’s really galling the spin these crooks put on the Flynn affair. After all the FBI and prosecutorial shenanigans that came to light recently on the Flynn affair, obama is saying dropping the case threatens the rule of law. The man was framed!

Obama is really scared of a Trump second term, and is desperate for Biden to win.


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"I am pretty darn invested." Interesting choice of words. To be fair, you can look at it a lot of ways. However, when was the last time that you heard a president say such a thing, or even such a thing being reported (I know this is a tech age), in a term after his "3rd term"? That's never been the case.


The Flynn thing seemed to be overreach from the start. As it flushed out, it was extreme overreach---only overshadowed by the attempted coup on the president.

Usually, political opponents try to hamper an administration by attacking underlings. That's pretty standard these days. Find a bottom-rung guy and work your way up as high as you can go to cut someone down to hurt the administration. For example, in the Obama era, Eric Holder was nearly cut down ---first AG ever cited with contempt -- but survived.

But the attack on Flynn was extreme for two reasons: (1) it came at the very start, instead of waiting for a scandal or faux-scandal to develop; and (2) it constituted a severe overreach in what charges they could toss at him.

Flynn's exoneration was the extreme rebound from an extreme attempt at subversion.