General Flynn Was Framed by Deep State


Orthodox Inquirer
So Flynn was framed by "the deep state". It certainly appears that way if you read the news. However do you think that is really the whole story? Is there only one entity that could appropriately be classified by the term "deep state"? In other words is it reasonable to conclude there is more tha one "deep state"? If you look far enough up in the heirarchy you may even find they are controlled by the same tractor, er, spider. I don't know. Maybe I am wrong but I just don't think things are as one dimensional as it may seem. Sure it makes for great TV drama and conveniently allows the plebs to pick sides which keeps them occupied but I have my doubts. For what it's worth I don't think the Trump or Flynn we think we know are real people, and I don't think they are on our side.