German church opens doors for Muslims to pray during Corona pandemic


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BBC said:
A church in Berlin has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers unable to fit into their mosque under new social distancing rules.

Germany allowed religious services to resume on 4 May but worshippers must maintain a distance of 1.5m (5ft).

As a result the Dar Assalam mosque in the city's Neukölln district could only hold a fraction of its congregation.

But the Martha Lutheran church in Kreuzberg offered to help by hosting Friday prayers at the end of Ramadan
Not much to say here except the obvious- we'd be waiting a long time after this pandemic is over for a reciprocal gesture that didn't involve an AK and some C4.

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German "Christians" are so cucked that they're just itching for any excuse to desecrate their own places of worship. And why would praying in a church be considered as doing any sort of favor to a Muslim, since if they can't pray in a mosque, they might pray anywhere else?


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Why do German beat around the bush?

Why not just get on their hands and knees at the border and pull their pants down to expose the butts to the incoming refugees so that the refugees can sodomize them on arrival?

Obviously virile young Africans and Arabs who had a long hard journey will want to shoot off a load and few of them seem to care if the partner is male or female.

So rather than waste time just have German government organize a line of German men to pull their pants down and bend over to be sodomized at the border?

That's kind of unfair. I'm sure some of the refugees would rather receive oral sex.