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I'm glad to see people taking to the streets to demand their freedom.

Those doctors who speak up against the overreaction are the true heroes of our time. They rely on their knowledge to make and publish their judgement, without being part of an organisation whose political agenda they have to follow.

It appears the interview with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg that I posted earlier was taken down by youtube. (Didn't see that one coming at all)

Here is a re-post:



I want to use my get out of jail free card here.

"Wie geht's?"
"Ich bin ruf, Mädchen."

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God bless.

Edit: on a Google search of Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest in Munich 2020."

That's the reason why, I don't trust Germans.
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This is perfect:
Too many people like that (the one asking with guilt through association). Most Viennese were like that, especially the young manchildren in their early 30s. Dehumanizing everything that is right wing but in a petulant child kind of way. The same people celebrated Greta and had the cheek to hold a "refugees welcome" demo on Heldenplatz when the 2015 crisis was reaching its peak.

This is a sign of an infantilized society. The common denominator I found of what always irritated me about living there. People make fun of the US but at least they have a Republican wing whose electorate is not unbearable and unable to reason with.


Trying to shame and guilt people into leaving by referring to the war and associating people with the right wing.

Loved seeing his passive aggressive tough boy attitude melt away. One minute later only the scared little boy he really is remained.

Noodle armed pussyboy

Typical behavior of German (leftist) mainstream journalists, this noodle pussy is no exception at all.

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Steinmeier. Kamera an - Maske an. Kameras aus - Maske aus.

Schweinegrippe 2009 - Wolfgang Wodarg und Christian Drosten - wer hatte Recht?

LÜGT DIE TAGESSCHAU BEWUSST - oder hat sie nicht recherchiert???

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After pop star Xavier Naido, four other German celebs are speaking out against the corona hoax.
2 of the 5 are actually Germans lol. Now we can weaponize the migrants for once.
Some of them talk about the truth movement in general, not only about corona (Rothschilds, pedogate, etc.)

Actor Til Schweiger

Celebrity Chef Attila Hildmann

Comedian Helge Schneider

Rapper Sido

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He's a hypocrite. Just last year he was shitting on people who have a critical stance on mass migration, called them Nazis and so.
I do not trust celebs that much.
I would assume he still sucks on that issue. But corona has created a lot of dissidents that migration didn't. Many people who are calling out corona are otherwise left-wing. It's a good thing... it basically doubled our base.

How to deal with corona madness as a Christian - this is actually a corona debunk so you can send it to any Christians who haven't seen through the hoax yet but trust the church.

Another German celebrity speaking out against corona hoax, TV star Michael Lesch


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You know you're in clown world when you can't distinguish between reality and satire anymore.
Can you figure out whether this is real or a joke?

Spoiler: It's real, just presented in a satirical way but these are the new rules now.
It's presented in a mock-mocking way because they know that's how people feel about it. So they're giving people an outlet for that, while making sure they get the message.


In the German mainstream media they call everybody who questions the official Covid narrative a conspiracy theorist. For the normies who eat that shit here is a nice meme:



Yes, there is.
Here an article from the NZZ (a swiss newspaper), trimmed-down:

May 14th, 2020
Corona "false alarm": An unsolicited analysis fires up the debate on German crisis management

On his own initiative, an official of the Ministry of the Interior in Berlin has written a paper on what he considers to be misguided measures of the federal government. The man justified himself with "danger in delay", he has since been released.

Oberregierungsrat Stephan Kohn, as the official is known, caused quite a stir in Berlin with his report entitled "Corona Crisis 2020 from the Perspective of Critical Infrastructure Protection". Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to comment on it. And Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer announced on Wednesday that Kohn was released from duty. The initiation of disciplinary proceedings against him is being considered.

"One of the biggest fake news producers"

The employee of the KM 4 unit responsible for critical infrastructure protection in the Federal Ministry of the Interior sent an e-mail to leading officials of the BMI on 8. Mai at 234 pm. It contained: an 83-page document with 99 pages of appendix, in which he described the corona pandemic as a "global false alarm". He said that the state had to face the accusation that it had proved to be "one of the biggest fake news producers in the Corona crisis".

Over the weekend, e-mail and attachments found their way into the public domain. Since then, there has been even more intensive debate in Berlin about the federal government's corona crisis management.

In the paper, Kohn criticises in particular the methodical approach of government agencies in analysing the crisis. On the basis of incomplete and inappropriate information in the situation pictures, "an assessment of the danger is fundamentally impossible". The number of deaths, he cites as evidence, suggests that "Covid-19 has been overestimated". Especially compared to the influenza wave of 2017/18 with 1.5 million deaths worldwide; the number of corona victims is around 300,000 (as of 14. Mai).

Collateral damage of the measures higher than the benefit

In the meantime, measures against the pandemic have generated collateral damage, according to Kohn, which is "greater than the discernible benefit". They have lost all sense and must be stopped immediately to prevent worse. In particular, he said, the intervention in citizens' rights was not proportionate.

In his paper, the official pays special attention to the "effects (damage) of government measures and restrictions" in the health care system. To this end, he interviewed ten high-ranking experts and concluded on the basis of their assessments that "2.5 million people could not be cared for as a result of government measures" due to the corona-related restructuring of hospitals. According to the experts he interviewed, between 5,000 and 125,000 people died as a result.

Stop "alarmism" immediately

The author justifies his action without the order and authorisation of his employer with "imminent danger". In his concluding remarks, he recommends that the state crisis management should immediately cease its "alarmism" in the matter of Corona. In order to regain its credibility, it must also "deal openly with its mistakes, admit them and work through them". Otherwise the state and the political system might not be able to appreciate the systemic mistakes that have occurred.

Disciplinary proceedings initiated

Minister of the Interior Seehofer sees things differently: each of his employees has freedom of opinion within the framework of the Basic Law, he said in Berlin on Wednesday. He explicitly did not agree with the content of his official's remarks; after all, he had been in charge of the government's strategy to contain the coronavirus. This was also the basis on which the various crisis committees acted.

According to Seehofer, the case must now be reviewed and discussed internally. In any case, it is clear that no official of his house should give the impression that he is carrying private opinions into the public under the seal of the BMI. Also, under the appearance of a ministerial enquiry, no experts may be asked without the BMI having given an order to do so. Kohn is now to be heard in the Ministry. He does not want to speak out in public on the matter. The BMI has advised him to seek legal counsel.


Traitorous job advertisement:
Monitoring and state of emergency at least until the end of 2021


There are increasing indications that the political efforts underway in the background to make the pandemic provisions as permanent as possible and to stabilize "normality in a state of emergency" are a master plan - with the aim of preserving, above all, the comfortable majority of the Union as far as possible until the next federal elections. Corona itself is almost no longer at stake.

Actually, the government of Tönnies & Co. should be downright grateful to Romanian families or worshippers for their contribution to maintaining the infection. If Sars-CoV2 really died out in Germany, or if new infections, active cases and R-numbers at least continued to drop, then public acceptance of the still existing restrictions and conditions - from compulsory masks to distance rules - would rapidly decrease. But in this way a basic fear can (still) be stirred up and made useful.

At the state level, everything is being done, both normatively and institutionally, to make "living with the virus" the new normal state. Minister of Health Jens Spahn, together with the leaders of the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, has just started to think aloud about how the temporary decrees in force as a result of the pandemic emergency can be converted into permanent law if possible. The Infection Protection Act is to become a kind of substitute for the Basic Law - if possible during this pandemic, not in the next one, which is already in prospect.

Maintaining power and building the surveillance state

Anyone who thinks this is exaggerated or even paranoid should pay close attention to the evidence that public administrations at state and, above all, local level are also taking blatant precautions to keep the pandemic going at least until after the federal elections next autumn. These include, for example, arming and increasing personnel to monitor the population, to track infected persons and, subsequently, to comply with possible quarantine orders.

The eye-catcher here was a revealing advertisement from the Bavarian district of Coburg, which is looking for "employees (m/w/d)" to identify and track down infected persons as of August 1. The length of employment is revealing: the position is to be filled (for the time being) until 31 December 2021 - i.e. for a year and a half.
(m/w/d) = (male/female/diverse)


This makes it unmistakably clear what politicians in Germany have so far withheld from their citizens: Permanent surveillance, proof of identity, self-declaration for tracing chains of infection are to accompany us for at least another 18 months; and a rogue who thinks badly that by then the next subsequent threat will certainly have been found. If the second, third, fourth wave fails to appear, the next pandemic will simply be conjured out of the hat.


Dear Mr. President Trump, please help the German people to free themselves from Angela Merkel and her shadow government!

Angela Merkel (born Aniela Dorota Kazmierczak, then "Germanized" in Angela Dorothea Kasner) has been the German Chancellor since 2005 and is presumably a DEEP STATE Puppet and is probably bought and manipulated by George Soros and she should be indicted in a proper court because of the many crimes that she deliberately committed against the German people since 2015 like turmoil, corruption and high treason! The latest crime is the permanent opening of the German borders to all criminal subjects from around the world and now processing to finally destroying Germany as business location under the pretext of a now disproved Covid-19 pandemic that seems to be proven as a BILL GATES (WHO) PLANdemic! "WE, THE GERMAN PEOPLE" hereby call on all American Patriots to help to reintroduce SHAEF!!!

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