German Corona Red Pills

I'm glad to see people taking to the streets to demand their freedom.

Those doctors who speak up against the overreaction are the true heroes of our time. They rely on their knowledge to make and publish their judgement, without being part of an organisation whose political agenda they have to follow.

It appears the interview with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg that I posted earlier was taken down by youtube. (Didn't see that one coming at all)

Here is a re-post:



I want to use my get out of jail free card here.

"Wie geht's?"
"Ich bin ruf, Mädchen."

Thank you,
God bless.

Edit: on a Google search of Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest in Munich 2020."

That's the reason why, I don't trust Germans.
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Since I found out that Xavier has been redpilled for 25 years, his lyrics have taken on a whole new meaning.
Below a relatively recent song.
Join his telegram channel, great red pills in there:

This is perfect:
Too many people like that (the one asking with guilt through association). Most Viennese were like that, especially the young manchildren in their early 30s. Dehumanizing everything that is right wing but in a petulant child kind of way. The same people celebrated Greta and had the cheek to hold a "refugees welcome" demo on Heldenplatz when the 2015 crisis was reaching its peak.

This is a sign of an infantilized society. The common denominator I found of what always irritated me about living there. People make fun of the US but at least they have a Republican wing whose electorate is not unbearable and unable to reason with.


Trying to shame and guilt people into leaving by referring to the war and associating people with the right wing.

Loved seeing his passive aggressive tough boy attitude melt away. One minute later only the scared little boy he really is remained.

Noodle armed pussyboy
Typical behavior of German (leftist) mainstream journalists, this noodle pussy is no exception at all.

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Steinmeier. Kamera an - Maske an. Kameras aus - Maske aus.

Schweinegrippe 2009 - Wolfgang Wodarg und Christian Drosten - wer hatte Recht?

LÜGT DIE TAGESSCHAU BEWUSST - oder hat sie nicht recherchiert???

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After pop star Xavier Naido, four other German celebs are speaking out against the corona hoax.
2 of the 5 are actually Germans lol. Now we can weaponize the migrants for once.
Some of them talk about the truth movement in general, not only about corona (Rothschilds, pedogate, etc.)

Actor Til Schweiger

Celebrity Chef Attila Hildmann

Comedian Helge Schneider

Rapper Sido

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He's a hypocrite. Just last year he was shitting on people who have a critical stance on mass migration, called them Nazis and so.
I do not trust celebs that much.
I would assume he still sucks on that issue. But corona has created a lot of dissidents that migration didn't. Many people who are calling out corona are otherwise left-wing. It's a good thing... it basically doubled our base.

How to deal with corona madness as a Christian - this is actually a corona debunk so you can send it to any Christians who haven't seen through the hoax yet but trust the church.

Another German celebrity speaking out against corona hoax, TV star Michael Lesch


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You know you're in clown world when you can't distinguish between reality and satire anymore.
Can you figure out whether this is real or a joke?

Spoiler: It's real, just presented in a satirical way but these are the new rules now.
It's presented in a mock-mocking way because they know that's how people feel about it. So they're giving people an outlet for that, while making sure they get the message.