German Corona Red Pills

Basically the Hospitals and clinics lied about the number of beds available in emergencies, thus feeding to the panic and it seems the government knew the whole time about this...
Welch eine Überraschung. My priest, an extremely based one, mentioned in his sermon today how the state in Germany has initiated a quasi religion that sanctions people that don‘t buy into the narrative. As long as I have spiritual fathers like that, the Catholic church in Germany is not lost ✝️ Möge Gott uns beschützen!


Here some rubbish aired two days ago by the Deutschlandfunk (German State propaganda outlet)

This interview talks about the effectiveness of masks and their health impacts, as well as citing lots of studies. Short summary:

Masks work, they protect you, they protect others, infection numbers go down thanks to mask, scientists say mask can cut infection numbers in half, yeah sure, masks cause rashes, but there are creams that help. A mask is uncomfortable, but not dangerous.

A study from the US says moist air in the mask is useful because moist air is healthier for the lungs, it facilitates the removal of dirt particles and pathogens in the air sacs.


Patriotic Saxony refuses vaccination

Saxony is considered to be a particularly patriotic and resistant federal state, which is repeatedly demonstrated by the election results. Possibly it is the memory of the experiences of the GDR dictatorship and its propaganda, which is why the Saxons do not believe everything that is proclaimed in the mainstream media. They know that one should not blindly buy everything from the authorities.

It is therefore not surprising that Saxony has the lowest vaccination rate in all of Germany. Thus, the state broadcaster MDR whined about the "vaccination skepticism" of the Saxons. Less than half of the citizens had themselves injected with the gene therapy. Also only with barely half of the established medical doctors one can also let oneself have the jab.