Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested


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Alan Dershowitz Writes Essay Defending Longtime Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell, Assails Netflix Documentary Allegations - Deadline

The Ghislaine Maxwell I know - Spectator USA article by Alan Dershowitz



And the assassin has killed himself? Its claimed he was an attorney who worked with her previously.

Thats more sloppy than sloppy Joe Biden sniffing kids on live TV. I expected better from this front row train crash.


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The suspect was a white man who wore a face covering and a FedEx uniform, law enforcement sources told ABC News, and he used an ordinary car to make a getaway.

The suspect was later found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound near Liberty, New York, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News. A municipal employee discovered the body in a car.

The deceased suspect was an attorney who had a case before Judge Salas in 2015, sources said. A FedEx package addressed to Judge Salas was discovered in the car, sources said.



She may have been talking to prosecutors and so made a kind of deal.

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It gets interesting. Shooter had ties to firm that had links to CIA and Israeli intelligence, Kroll Associates.

Aside from Kroll Associates’ own role as a private intelligence firm, it is also worth pointing out that Jules Kroll had an odd meeting with Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, shortly before his death, alleged by most Maxwell biographers and his family to have been a homicide. Roughly two weeks before his death, Kroll met with Maxwell at New York’s Helmsley Palace Hotel. According to a 1992 article in Vanity Fair, “Maxwell had ushered Kroll and two other men out onto the patio so that their conversation could not be overheard or bugged,” with Maxwell allegedly seeking to hire Kroll to uncover “people out to get him, to destroy his empire, to cripple him financially, and to destroy his life and business in any way they could.”



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"Trump says he wishes accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well and has 'met her numerous times"

Just an acquaintance or more?

I think it was known fact that they've met before on various occasions by virtue of the Epstein / Trump connection down in Palm Beach, Florida (and likely NYC as well). But I'm guessing that all ended around the time that Trump severed ties with Epstein circa 2004.


“I don’t know. I haven’t been following it too much. I just wish the Israeli spy well frankly. I know she helped rape many underage Shiksa girls to blackmail American politicians, including Justice Roberts on their pedophile island, but I just wish her well. I met her many times over the years since I lived in palm beach and I guess they lived in Palm beach. But I wish her well, whatever it is. I don’t know the situation with Prince Andrew. Just don’t know, not aware of it.”

If she were helping to rape hundreds of little Jewish girls held captive on an island, would he still wish her well? Is this what America first looks like? In what world is this okay? This is one of the greatest scandals in US history, blackmailing presidents, congressmen, and the Supreme Court for a foreign power. Would anyone else like to see the flight logs of Trumps private jet? How about a full investigation into Mar a Lago and an interrogation of his staff. Why isn’t she in Guantanamo?

Does anyone still have any questions? Epstein’s death on Trumps watch is starting to make a little more sense now isn’t it. How is this not treason?
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