Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested

There was a big scandal recently in which a famous french writer, Gabrielle Matzneff, was finally called out for being a pedophile and writing about it for 30 years, while being protected by just near everyone in french art circles and even politics. Everyone knew, he wrote about sex with teenage girls and pre-teen boys, but considered it within "artistic method".

Suddenly choosing France makes a lot of sense for Polanski and Maxwell.


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A bit further north in Bradford NH, not Bedford. Probably at some lake house owned by a friend covering for her. She was arrogant enough to return to the US. Had she stayed in France they would never have been able to extradite her. Grand jury took a while, but they got her. Now let's see how much time she does.

France has an extradition treaty with America. I'm pretty surprised that she was caught in America. Maybe she thought she was untouchable. It's also surprising that no investigative journalist was able to find her.


Arrested in New Hampshire...Interesting...

I guess she too ordered a dust bag for a Hoover Max Extract® 60 Pressure Pro.



Good rundown here of her family:

Here we go again. The FBI has just arrested Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell on charges related to a probe by New York federal prosecutors into his alleged rampant serial sexual abuse of young girls and women. Will Maxwell also commit suicide?

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell MC (1923– 1991), who was a British media proprietor, Member of Parliament (MP), and they said he was a fraudster. That is only the tip of the iceberg. On November 5, 1991, Maxwell sailed off on his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, to the Canary Island. He was last seen at 4:25 am local time, but went missing later in the morning. Maxwell fell overboard and was claimed to have suffered a heart attack combined with accidental drowning. This was after he lost money trading with the CLUB. He was defaulting on a £50 million pound loan with the Bank of England, and he was scheduled to have a meeting with the bank the day he fled.

Had Maxwell been arrested and stood trial, the entire club would have been exposed. His death was quite convenient. But his right-hand man was none other than {{{Bill Browder}}}, who then became a partner with another alleged member of the club — Edmond Safra in Hermitage Capital — the company seized by Putin.

Once again we have to wonder if Ghislaine Maxwell will ever make it to trial and if she tries to give up bankers that may be the end of her life. Would the prosecutors dare go after anyone? Ah, the plot never ends.

Then there is a new book out, “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein,” by Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper. There they say that Ghislaine Maxwell was also Bill Clinton’s lover. Oh, how the plot thickens. But New York specializes in making sure defendants never make it to trial and relish in the virtual 99% conviction rate, with the 1% dying I suppose.

Some symbols added for reference. Browder is from a family that is both from the tribe and were some of the early American communist organizers.


And she’s dead.


Meanwhile, on a yacht in the Med, she and Epstein cling their champagne glasses together, while tender little fingers massage their feet.

Trump Tweets: Law & Order!!! Then he signs a 10 year, $38 Billion funding floor bill for Israeli foreign aid.

A Palestinian family settles down to eat dinner at night, on land that their ancestors have lived on for thousands of years. They say their prayers. Then out of seemingly nowhere a defeaning sound rocks through the house as the blast from a bomb bursts through the wall. The mother runs and picks up her child’s bloody crumpled body, her ears ringing, and she rocks her blood soaked child back and forth as he breathes his last gasps of air. Dust envelops them.

Alone in a room of the White House, Jared Kushner puts the phone down. A wry smile breaks across his face. They’ve done it. The annexation of the West Bank has begun.

Every election has a price.
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As much as I want to see the BLM/Antifa alliance crushed mercilessly, I have a hard time being disappointed in Barr. Aside from talking and acting like a normal human-being, he is slowly rounding up key players. Everything hinges on the Justice Department at this time, I think the military is compromised and the RNC is a joke. This year should have been like Christmas to the Right with all the Blue-States fucking over their citizenry, but few grassroots efforts have been boosted by the usual election-year funding. Still, there are rays of hope!


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If I were her lawyer, I would be looking for a reduced sentence in return for information about the rich and powerful men who took part. Then things could get interesting. Prince Andrew will be the first to go down. Hopefully Bill Clinton will be next. I suspect that many more men will be revealed that we would never dream were involved.

It's nice to fantasise about stuff that will never happen.

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So let's get serious FWIW.

If she was arrested in the US of A then either it means she came back or never left. She wouldn't have come back unless it was scripted and if she never left then we can also presume her arrest was scripted because as a deep state asset she would have had thousands of options for being retrieved, moreover both the deep state and the investigating authorities would have been able to locate her easily months ago.

The only alternative to these presumptions is that she was so tricky in burying the paper trail to this property that she eluded both the investigators and the deep state, and that she escaped to this incredibly expensive property, there to live on the supplies she'd secured beforehand.
Pretty garbage as theories go.

So on this basis we can presume that:

a) the deep state knew where she was
b) they declined to extract her
c) she was allowed by the deep state to be arrested

The question becomes "why".

If she dies or "dies" under any pretext then it's safe to say that her arrest was to:

a) retire her identity
b) act as another demoralization OP

If she doesn't die then here's my "through the looking glass" prediction. In return for immunity she goes state's witness against Trump, claiming he was a key player in the sex trafficking ring, and even goes as far as to claim Trump had Epstein killed to prevent him ratting on Donald.

We'll see.
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The only justice a pedophile will know in this world is at the end of a barrel, if they are lucky. It's what is coming after they should be more afraid of. I pray that those who deal with this cabal who have not yet sold their souls to repent, because for them there is still a chance. For any of these high-level people, they are simply just possessed skinsuits trying to enjoy as much pleasure on earth as the human body can endure.

I think its all bullshit, but if it turns out not to be I'd rather be called wrong on that. Sacrificial lambs and purging members beneath the liquidity line. Power struggles are real it seems, and fewer and fewer demons are winning at king of the hill lately.


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Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: e67d38 No.9827385
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Possible Epstein was a puppet [not the main person(s) of interest]?
Financed by who or what [F] entities?
1. [Primary] gather blackmail on elected pols, dignitaries, royalty, hollywood influencers, wall street and other financial top level players, other high profile industry specific people, etc.
2. Feed an addiction [controllable]
Maxwell family background?
Robert Maxwell history [intel, agency, wealth, [CLAS 1-99]]?
Sometimes it's the people in the background that are of greater significance.


Before Epstein, there was Roy Cohn, Jew, homosexual, and sex blackmailer. He was also Donald Trumps attorney, friend, and mentor. He taught a young Donald Trump the political game in Manhattan. Roy Cohn bragged that Trump used to call him dozens of times a day to ask what's going on. It was from Roy Cohn that Trump learned to never apologize and to stiff his creditors. Purportedly Cohn and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover used to sodomize underage male prostitutes in The Plaza Hotel together. Roy Cohn later died of AIDS. When asked, Donald Trump made a court appearance himself to testify on Cohn's behalf as a character witness. Trump was no outsider like he portrayed himself as being.

Here's Cohn holding up a photo of himself and Donald Trump. Does anything kind of creep you out about this picture?


After Roy Cohn's death 1986, Jeffrey Epstein appeared on the New York social scene.


Trump knew the game. He knew all there was to know about Epstein. The fact that Epstein “died” in the manner that he did, before testimony or trial during the Trump administration, tells you all that you need to know. Furthermore, Donald Trump appointed U.S. attorney Alex Accosta as Secretary of Labor in his new administration. In 2007–2008, as U.S. attorney, Acosta approved a plea deal that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to plead guilty to a single state charge of solicitation, in exchange for a federal non-prosecution agreement. Trump knew all of this and it sent a message for him to appoint Accosta to an important position in his administration. It was from Accosta’s congressional appointment hearings that we learned that Accosta was told to go light on Epstein because he was intelligence. Yes, Israeli intelligence!

You have to ask yourself, if I can find Justice John Robert's name in Epstein's flight logs, then why doesn't president Trump tweet about it when Justice Robert's rules against him? Oh.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell (purportedly deceased) was an oven dodging British publishing magnate and an Israeli intelligence agent. There is a book about him on Amazon, literally titled "Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy," by Gordon Thomas. I'd like to read it. He also "died" mysteriously on his yacht in the Med. Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen to her? An Israeli spy, daughter of a rich and famous Israeli superspy who mysteriously "died," partner to another Israeli spy who mysteriously "died." Anyone who thinks that she’ll testify in court under this administration needs their head checked. There is a greater chance of Jared Kushner sprouting wings, flying over to St. John's Episcopal Church, and singing Hosannas to the Lord!


If she "dies" it just serves to demoralize the public who are awake to it all. This is all for show.

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There's conjecture that the Trump/Epstein photo is shopped, but it hardly matters. I'm not sure what having your picture taken standing next to someone is supposed to prove or disprove.

"Donald, Melania, these are my good friends Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell."
*round of "nice to meet you"s*
"Smile for the camera, everyone."

That first picture made me extremely glad that I laid off the pepe memes ever since Bosch called it out as a Crowleyan deception.