McAfee? Stay far, far away.

Maybe read the article.....Disneyland accepting it as payment. I've listened to to him on several high profile podcasts and although he is usually coked up, he makes some valid points - like how Monero is more widely accepted than bitcoin.


Maybe read the article.....Disneyland accepting it as payment.
Disneyland Hong Kong has vending machines that are partnered with a company called ivendPay to accept cryptocurrencies. This is not exclusive to Ghostcoin. There are 20 other cryptos on that machine as well (including Bitcoin). No doubt Ghostcoin got on there because McAfee paid for it.

Do you remember when Verge partnered with PornHub? PornHub probably turns over muuuch more cash than Disneyland vending machines every day. And, Verge was actually the only crypto accepted at PH.

The result? No one cared. The coin pumped for a day and then restarted its slow grind towards $0.00.


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Considering OP continues to disregard any "cons" about Ghostcoin his post seems more like a promotion than a discussion. Maybe he's trying to sell his bags?