Giving up caffeine is a game changer


How long has been the longest abstinence syndrome that some of you have had?

I stopped caffeine in march since I read that it could be related with some pains in the neck and shoulder. Also, before that, I was drinking a bit more of normal, often 4-5 cups per day at office.
I havent drunk any cup since then but the same month I stopped, with no explanation, I got a lot of headaches and even full stress and strong anxiety periods but couldn't know if they were due to abstinence or kind of a response for quarantine.
Caffeine withdrawal is very common, even for people who only drinking one cup a day in the morning. I went through daily afternoon headaches until about three weeks after I stopped drinking caffeine. Drinking only water has been the toughest part. I'm used to drinking tea but I stopped that also to completely cut off caffeine.

I drink herbal tea from time to time but it's just not the same as my black, jasmine, green, or oolong tea. Sigh.


I recently started caffeine 0.5-1 cup a day, and i find my alertness, sleep patterns and productivity has enhanced significantly than without it. I can wake up earlier and naturally. I can punch through tasks that don't come as easily or naturally to me. Words flow out with clarity and intellect. Brainstorming comes to life!
Very similar to my experiences with M, except without the loved up feeling. I guess my body responds well with stimulants - even though i suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep apnea my whole life. I did sleep studies and heart exams, spent thousands on health checks to figure out what's up but could not come up with anything other than the standard advice- no caffeine, no drugs, clean eating, veggies, exercise. I do all that but nothing really helped.
For some reason coffee seems to be a stabiliser in my everyday life. I'm still very sensitive to it and have to drink it before 10am or else i can't sleep at all. I started doing it only on weekends because those are outdoor active days, and then transitioned every other day on weekdays, to everyday.

I remember long time ago after having 1 cup of coffee i would crash bad. But now i can have a full cup, and feel fine the whole day without needing another cup, nor effecting my sleep.
Very strange, i don't know what has changed in my biochemistry to respond favourably to this.


Does anyone have a brand of decaf (that's widely available/ships) they can recommend? I started doing half-caf or pure decaf later in the day, it's not terrible but it doesn't taste like my preferred beans.

I like medium-roast, low-acidity coffee, if that helps recommendations. Velvety, creamy, bold in coffee flavor rather than lots of acidity or bitterness or smoke.