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After The Guardian published an uncorroborated report by Luke Harding and Dan Collyns alleging Paul Manafort met with Julian Assange at London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, Greenwald called out the reporters for failing to vet the information—accusing the publication on Twitter of behavior that “erodes trust in journalism and undermines the work of journalists everywhere.” From Greenwald’s perspective, it was indicative of a much more frightening trend in media: the reliance on government sources for scoops and information

“I think journalists ought to be aware that when you’re using intelligence [sources], there’s always a high risk you’re being deceived, lied to, propagandized or manipulated since that is what those agencies are designed to do,” explained Greenwald. “That’s clearly what happened here.”

“If you look at Luke Harding’s traffic metrics, they went through the roof,” Greenwald told Observer. “That’s an incentive scheme to continue to do shitty journalism.”

The Trump part is secondary, but still enlightening:

Have the past several weeks changed your opinion on how much evidence there may be towards the question of Russian collusion, with regards to how many Trump advisers have lied to federal investigators and the Mueller filing?
I would say no. This collusion sits poorly with me, maybe because I was a lawyer before I was a journalist. It’s not really a word that has precise meaning and therefore has been used in an elastic way to mean whatever the wielder of it wants it to mean. To me, as a lawyer, if you think about why Robert Mueller was appointed, it’s because there were potential crimes committed during the 2016 elections. Thus far, he has indicted no American for any crimes in connection with the election. He’s indicted Russians for crimes in connection with the election, and he has indicted Americans for lying during the investigation, or over unrelated crimes like Manafort and his tax evasion and money laundering schemes, unrelated to the election. So, nothing in the past two weeks, or even in the past year, has changed my mind on whether there was criminality as part of the Trump campaign, and the 2016 election, and the Russians.

On the question of whether the Russians are behind the hacks, I think the officials provided a lot of detail about who did it and how they know. Even though there are no underlying documents, you have to essentially believe that Mueller invented it or fabricated it, which I do not think is likely. I do regard the Mueller indictment as some evidence, not conclusive, but at least some evidence finally that the Russians are involved, but that doesn’t say the extent to which Putin was involved, let alone the extent to which Trump officials are criminally implicated.
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Glenn Greenwald has been going off the liberal reservation for years - with his lack of care about the terrible tangerine, his fratenisation with Tucker Carlson and previously left-wing writers like Michael Teacy, his rejection of MSM narratives etc.

Recently transgenda Bradley Manning, who Greenwald nursed through suicidal tendencies and finaicially aided, has thrown Glenn under the bus -


Greenwald has responded by dumping their communications online -

He is one of the few people I pay notice to, showing he is able to put truth and principle, over power, status and reputation. It is hard not to notice a few changes. Maybe he will pull a Milo in a decade.

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That DM conversation is actually very important for understanding leftist psychology.

Note that what "she" wants is for the world to be a simple black and white one where the good guys and bad guys are easily identifiable along perfect tribal lines. They want the cognitive dissonance to go away and making it go away requires removing that ambiguity.
Manning doesn’t even make sense. Most of these DMs are just Greenwald pointing out his hypocrisy, and then him basically walking it back a bit, and then making another ridiculous contradiction. His head is exploding because the military and national security state he used to oppose is now woke, so in his mind he is retconning everything and trying to tell himself a cable news host is actually responsible for all this. Probably thinks the NSA is good now and Obama was right to throw him in prison.
Watching the former darling of the journalist/activist left single handedly launching red pills all over the establishment has been one of the most satisfying things to watch. I don’t doubt Greenwald is still a liberal at heart, but refreshing to see a lib that didn’t forget liberals aren’t supposed to shill for elites, TDS or otherwise.
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