Good Animation thread


Yeah, Berserk is great. As for "Fist of the North Star", I've only watched the movie and a some clips from the series, and I thought it was great. When I have some extra time, I'll check out the original series too.

Speaking of "Fist of the North Star", what do you think of this adaption:

I believe that the only director that could adapt the anime is Quentin Tarantino. The Kill Bill movies have a lot of Japanese influences and it looks like if it is a live action adaption of an anime.
Very goofy adaptation. Hah.

As for fist of the North Star I prefer the OVAs since they stick to the main story. Since the main TV series has that villain of week episodic format.

And I also recommend "Legend of Galactic Heroes" the one made in the 80's as I did earlier in the thread.